Monday, September 22, 2008

Teochew Mooncake Wannabe

I have heard about teochew mooncake and can't remember how it is supposed to taste and look like. The only thing i remembered that the famous shop is in Gombak and the mooncake is quite flat and big. My friend gave me this recipe, only the ingredients actually, while we were chatting and i made this however i think it is right. The teochew ah pek will be laughing at these cakes wannabe, with the minnie mouse stamp. I can do better if i can get hold of the proper stamp and i know i should not have glazed the cake. Anyone out there have a stamp that you don't need?


Outer dough
120 gm unbleached all-purpose flour
50 gm shortening
70 gm water
Inner Dough
100 gm unbleached all-purpose flour
50 gm shortening
300 gm lotus paste - divide into 50 gm each(recipe from here
100 gm sweet mui choy
25 gm kat paeng (sugared dried tangerine)
25 gm toasted sesame seeds
60 gm Tong Tung Kwa(dried sugar coated winter melon)
60 gm lotus paste- recipe from here

To make the pastry:
Make the inner dough by mixing in the shortening to the flour, knead until smooth. Wrap in clingwrap and leave aside.
Mix all the ingredients for the outer dough until well combined. Make sure the texture of this dough feels the same as the inner dough - the same softness. Wrap dough with clingwrap and leave to rest.
To make the filling
Soak the sweet mui choy and wash it really clean by changing the water several times. Squeeze the vegetable to rid of water. Chop it fine.(i put the veg in the food processor and pulse). Fry the veg without oil until it is dried but not crispy.
Cut up the kat paeng, remove the seeds and chop it up in the food processor.
Chop up the tong tung kwa in the food processor.
Mix all the chopped up ingredients with the lotus paste and mix well. Divide into 6 portions.
Wrap this with the 50 gm lotus paste (this is the filling)
To assemble
Divide the inner and outer dough into 6 portions.
Take the outer dough and wrap the up the inner dough.
Flatten slightly, position the rolling pin in the middle and roll out to the top. Then position back the rolling pin to middle of dough and roll back. Repeat this process for the other 5 portions.
Coming back to the first portion. Roll from the top to the bottom, like you would rolling a carpet.
Repeat process for the other 5 portions.
Take the first portion, use the thumb to create a dent so as to seal the seam, pinch in the sides so that the portion is slightly round. Repeat this process for the other 5 portions.
Flatten the first portion and roll flat with rolling pin to a circle that would fit the filling.
Wrap the filling with the pastry.Repeat this process for the other 5 portions.
Preheat oven at 400 f and bake for 5 - 10 minutes.



Claire said...

Hi Lily,

I can attest that this was DELICIOUS!! Glazed with egg wash or not, it was good!!

Got you some more sugared winter melon so you can make more of these...


lilyng said...


you are a darling.

you missed a good sunday yesterday. we enjoyed the Dan Dan Noodles in our own way.

i made yau char kway to go with lek tau suan. Would have to make them again cos i forgot to take pictures for posting.

will we see you this sunday?

Claire said...

Hi Lily,

So--how did you do the Dan Dan noodles (didn't follow the recipe from the book lah?).

I love yau char kway--aiya, you did this without me? I won't be here this Sunday either...the following Sunday I will be there.

Also, got you some round ball ice cube molds from Marukai 98 cents store here...we should try the agar agar jelly mooncakes....and also got you the Shan birayni masala mix (3 packets) + some other type of birayni mixes...

Anonymous said...

Hey a friend of mine who was born in Malaysia gave me your blog link. She also found your blog randomly.

I'm live in Denver now. I really wanna ask that if you know where can I get the Roti canai here?

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

You r really a good cook!Well,I mean a chef.


Fanny Wijaya said...

Looks so good and the shape is similar to Taiwanese Dai Yang Bing/ sun cake(or pastry?) Wonder if u have that sun cake recipe, i've search all over the web but can't find it.

lilyng said...


i know i can count on you.

when you come back i will 'toong lei kei kek ling sou' meaning - will pay you.

lilyng said...

fanny Wijaya

i have not come across this recipe yet and if i do, i will try making it.

lilyng said...


you can get roti canai in most of the asian store, vietnamese, korean or indian stores.

if you are going downtown to alameda square for dim sum, go to viet hoa or pacific ocean supermarket. they have them in the freezer

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