Friday, September 05, 2008

Ground Pork and Holy Basil Paste

My friend Tahai from Thailand got me hooked on Holy Basil. She sent me a packet of Holy Basil chilly Paste and it was so good with Chicken. I was so happy that i found bottled ones and gave it a try with ground pork. Yes, this dish is delicious and easy.

1 pound ground pork
1 bottle of Lee's Chilli Paste With Holy Basil

Heat oil and add in ground pork to brown.
Add in the chilli paste with holy basil and fry until well combined.
Serve with white rice



Tastes of Home said...

wow looks spicy and good! I just made belacan again since Brian is not at home HAHA

lilyng said...

tastes of home

try frying the chicken with belacan, it is good

Little Corner of Mine said...

Now I have to look for Holy Basil paste to try. Can post the picture of the paste? If not, have to open my eyes bigger next time I'm at the Asian supermarket.

lilyng said...

little corner of mine,

can, but have to buy another bottle to take picture

Little Corner of Mine said...

I went to the Asian market here yesterday and tried to look for Holy Basil paste, couldn't find any though. :(

lilyng said...

little corner of mine

come to visit and i will bring you to h-mart.

Anonymous said...

That so wonderful. Taiwan have a simple dish which is sold in foodstalls call minced pork with rice. My mother made often when we were little. Family food. Do you have a recipe for sesame peanut candy?


lilyng said...


i have the recipe and will try and make it when the time is right

tahai said...

Hi, Lily
Mac has planted holy basil in her dessert garden, it grows happily there, will you give it a try next Spring?

Holy basil also goes great with sseafood: shrimp, cuttlefish too., yet Northern Thai people prefers it with beef. ^^

lilyng said...


it has been awhile since i hear from you. how have you been? busy cooking?

I must ask Mac to freeze or cook her excess holy basil or if she has the seeds, to send me some.

keep in touch and thank you again for let me have the chance to try holy basil.

Rebecca said...

Oh I in love with it when I bought 2 boxes from 7-11 in Pattaya as we would wait for our flight in the afternoon in BKK. I think it is sold in all 7-11 in Thailand.
By the way, do you know that the Thai basil is from the bird eye seeds. The black little tinny seeds that we soak them in water and it will expand and be came a little pearl but has a black spot in it !! Indian sold it in rose milk drinks !! Or in rose syrup drinks.

lilyng said...


thanks for the info. it is good to know.

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