Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cheat's Murtabak

This is a very sumptuous , incredibly delicious and it was made the cheater's way, semi-homemade using store bought Roti Paratha. Roti Paratha/Canai comes frozen and there are 5 in a packet. It is inexpensive and all the Asian stores here sell them. Look for them in the freezer section and make sure that is is Made in Malaysia - the texture and taste is better. If you would like to make the roti from scratch, refer to


5 pieces frozen Roti Paratha/Canai
1/2 pound ground meat(of your choice)
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 heaped tbsp curry powder
salt to taste
3 eggs

Cook the filling by browning the ground meat(add some oil, if the meat is very lean).
When the meat is no more pink, add in chopped onion and curry powder.
Stir and saute until aromatic and add salt to taste.
Cool before adding in the eggs.
To make the murtabak:
Heat a nonstick pan and place a piece of frozen roti on it.
As soon as it turns soft, put a few tbsp of filling in the center of roti(do not put too much, otherwise, the roti cannot be folded in a neat pack).
Fold in the sides to make a neat pack(refer to pictures above)
Add in a little oil for crispiness. Fry until brown on all sides.
Dish out and serve hot, it tastes great as is or served with pickled onions
To make pickled onions:
Red /yellow/white onions(red will give a pleasing color)
Slice peeled onions thinly and add salt, sugar and vinegar. Adjust to taste.
Let onions sit for at least 1/2 hour before serving.



Aunt LoLo said...

Ooh...I was JUST wondering what to make for dinner. Thanks!!

lilyng said...

aunt lolo

you are most welcome.

hope you like your dinner

Mary said...

The murtabak looks just incredible.
I new to your blog, but I'll be dropping by on a regular basis.

roo said...

yum, this looks great. do you mix the eggs before adding them?

Anonymous said...

I like to try making it. Is it Malaysian Chinese or Indian?


lilyng said...


the eggs are added into the cooked meat after it has been cooled. mix it in before using

lilyng said...


what i do not is, it is not chinese. it could be malaysian india.

Jean said...

I don't care if you call it "cheat" - it is the best thing to the real murtabak! Try lamb curry, like they offer in Malaysia.

Thank you for the great idea!


lilyng said...


'cheat' or not, they are easy to make and so like the 'real thing'

Anonymous said...

Made this for dinner last night, together with some caesar salad. It was wiped out at lightning speed. Got the two thumbs up from hubby and daughters. They claimed that it is much better than the infamous Bangsar stall.

Thanks for such an easy, yet yummy delicious recipe.

Salt N Turmeric said...

I cheated too when i made my murtabak. I used spring roll wrapper coz i sayang to use my frozen roti pratha. lol.


ismailrosmah said...

Hi Lily, i had recently moved from Msia to work overseas and was craving for murtabak. i cheated the same way like yr recipe using Roti Chanai Kawan brand. Thawed the frozen roti chanai in room temperature, than use a bit of oil to thin it our with my hands. For the filling, it's better not to use curry powder, instead, grind jintan putih, a bit of jintan manis, nutmeg powder, black pepper, cardamoms, 5 spice powder, and add a bit of chicken stock powder. Also it tasted good to mix minced beef with minced lamb rather than just plain beef. And lastly fry in a bit of ghee. Your recipes are great! am trying out the 'chang' next week.

Anonymous said...

Hello Auntie Lily,

Greetings from Perth! I love your blog. Thank goodness for the Internet and for kind people like you who share Malaysian recipes. It's so comforting to the soul to eat yummy food that reminds us of our kampung :)

I'd like to make this super-easy Murtabak. But not sure how to make the pickled onion lah. Hope u can help. Thanks!


lilyng said...

kl changs

greeting from denver.

i have editted and included a few lines on how to make pickled onions. the smount of seasonings depend on the amount of onions used. Start off with a smaller amount of salt and then you can adjust the saltiness later. you can easily add but cannot take away.

SCLY said...

hey lily , you blog has inspired me to start my own and to share recipes and stories too. i made my version of murtabak here

thanks lily

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