Thursday, September 18, 2008

Char Leong

What in the world is 'char leong'? It was unknown to me until a friend asked if i knew how to make them. This dish is a match made in heaven. The rice rolls which are soft married so well with the crispy 'yau char kway'. Eaten with a sweet sauce which has sesame paste in it and chilly sauce to bring it to another level.

How to make the chee cheong fun is here and
To assemble:
Make the yau char kway ahead and then make the chee cheong fun.
Place 1/2 of the yau char kway(trim the length to fit the chee cheong fun) in a cooked chee cheong fun and wrap it like you would for a spring roll.
Serve with a sweet sauce and also chilly sauce.
Bon appetit



Jade said...

What a combination! Soft but yet crispy! This is something new to me =) 1st of all I will need to master the YCK recipe. =)

Claire said...

Hi Lily,

what is your sweet sauce and your chilly recipe for this? Can you post to your recipe? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Not sure that what they called in teahouse. Seen it in many teahouse in San Francisco and very popular. Now I will make it at home too.


Anonymous said...

This char leong in many dim sum place is wrap in green onion, dry shrimp steam rice sheets. Serve whatever dipping sauces you like.


lilyng said...


the recipe for the sweet sauce is in chee cheong fun post. scroll down, it is at the bottom of the page

Anonymous said...

I saw this dish on Flickr under Char Leong.

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