Friday, September 26, 2008

Green Tea Red Bean Jelly

This is supposed to be a mooncake but since i do not have the jelly mooncake moulds, i made them using the jelly moulds. So, therefore, they are jelly and not mooncake. Whatever it is, it is yummy. Green Tea is supposed to be good for health but coconut milk is not. This recipe should be called 'gon kway chut, gon kway yarp' - meaning 'letting the devil out and driving the devil in'



5 gm Agar agar powder
250 ml coconut milk
Few pieces of pandan leaves
30 gm brown sugar

80 gm red bean filling
(recipe to make red bean paste is here: mooncake )
Few drops of pink color

Pastry ingredients

7.5 gm agar agar powder
450 ml thin coconut milk
few pieces pandan leaves
80 gm sugar

100 ml Thick coconut milk
2 tsp green tea powder
100 gm heavy cream


Cook A till dissolved, add in B, mix well.

Pour into small cup mould to set

Cook C till dissolved, add in D, mix even.

Pour into jelly mould till half full and place in the filling, cover till full.

Chill in fridge.


chumpman said...

This is a perfect dessert to me. I love red bean and crazy about green tea flavor food stuffs e.g. green tea cake, green tea ice cream, green tea chocolate, etc.

Anonymous said...

pandan? Where could I obtain that ingredient? Please respond as I would love to try this recipe. Thanks.

lilyng said...


check the freezer section of the asian stores.

Anonymous said...

hey lily...i love your mooncake moulds. where can i get them? thanks mae.

lilyng said...


as i have mentioned these moulds are jelly/konnyaku moulds. My daughter Sharon, who is in Malaysia, bought them for me. They make the most beautiful jellies. Check it out in

Green Tea said...

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Sharon said...

Hi Lily,

I have tried this receipe of yours, but I failed. I can get the red bean filling to set. But once I pour in the coconut mixture from step C&D into the mold, my agar agar is not able to set, even after putting them in the fridge to chill overnight. They are still runny.

My guess is the coconut milk in Step C&D that I put in might be wrong, cos I'm not sure how thin is thin, and how thick is thick. When you say "thin coconut milk", is it that I have to dilute the regular can coconut milk with water to make it thin? And when you said "thick cococnut milk", is that coconut cream?

And is heavy cream same as heavy whipped cream that I can find in the grocery store in US?

I'm sorry for all these questions. Greatly appreciate your advice.

Thank you so much.

lily ng said...


i am so sorry you jelly did not set.
Thick coconut is coconut cream and thin coconut is more diluted cream. For this recipe, i used a can of Savoy brand coconut cream which is 400 ml. I removed 100 ml cream and thean add 150 ml water to the balance thus making 450 ml of thin coconut milk.

Agar agar powder has to be cooked until it is dissolved otherwise it will not set.

Heavy cream is heavy whipping cream.

Sharon said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks so much for spending your time to answer my questions and providing me your advice. I greatly appreciate that.

I will definitely tried it again.


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