Thursday, September 04, 2008

Agar Agar Fishes ala Lena

Lena, my dear friend, you have sent me these fish moulds awhile ago and i did make these but somehow did not post them. So, now here they are, aren't they the best looking fishes you have seen? Thank you and kam seah, without your generosity, this will not happen.


2 tbsp agar agar powder
400 ml concentrated coconut milk
800 ml water
200 gm sugar
1/2 tsp salt


Boil the agar agar powder and sugar with the water until dissolve.

Remove 1/2 cup and color it orange/red. Using a tiny paint brush, paint onto the the gills, tails and wherever you wish on to the koi fish moulds. Use raisins for the eyes. Let it set.

Add coconut milk to the rest of the dissolved agar agar and then fill up the koi fish moulds.

For the dolphins, add blue coloring.

Leave to set in the fridge.



Tastes of Home said...

so cute! I especially love the koi ones

Anonymous said...

I like it for cake decoration and wonder if I can other design molds?
Check out About.Com on gummi or gummy candies making using jello and unfavoring gelatin. If so easy also.


lilyng said...


thanks for the tip

Anonymous said...

I check it out and see making own gummi candies for my kids Halloween party coming up is great.

I like ideal of making your recipe for different favors too.


Sally said...

wow....that's a very nice and beautiful mould. Aunty Lily....please tell me where I can get the mould...I love to make some for Chinese New Year!!! Thx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, I've tried one of your Malaysian Kuih recipe, so pleased that it turns out wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

PS: what does "wai sek hong" mean?


lilyng said...


wai sek in cantonese is greedy excessive indulgence and hong is 'a lane'

put together 'wai sek hong' means 'glutton's lane'

lilyng said...


these moulds were sent to me by my dear friend who is in singapore. If i am not wrong, she bought them from Phoon Huat

Anonymous said...

Hi. How do you get those jelly out from the mould without any damage? Any trick behind it? Thanks

lilyng said...


use a warm towel and loosen the jelly before overturning.

make a slightly firmer jelly they turn out better

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