Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fried Nin Ko

Found the Nin Ko in the freezer next to a packet of frozen taro and i had just bought some sweet potatoes. What else to make with them than to fry them. This is one of our favorties but you don't get to fry them unless Nin Ko is available.

Sweet Potato/Yam
Slice nin ko, taro and sweet potato/yam into 1/4 inch slices of the same shape.
Arrange the slices in this order - taro, nin ko, sweet potato/yam
Heat up oil for deep frying.
When oil is 350f, deep the arranged slices in the batter and put in to fry.
Do not crowd as it will lower the oil temperature and the fritters will be soggy.
Do not fry in too high heat as the taro and sweet potato/yam take time to be cooked.
Increase the oil temperature by turning up the heat and remove a few ladles of oil to finish frying.
Remove fritters with spider ladle and leave on a cake rack with kitchen towel at the bottom to cool.



LilyAnette said...

Your post reminded me that I also have a small left over pack of Nin Ko somewhere in the freezer! This sweet potato idea is new to me and I am sure it is very good with the Nin Ko.

Anonymous said...

Looks exactly like what my "Ah Mah" (Granny) used to make for me when I was a little girl. I am looking at your pictures and walking down memory lane at the same time

Tastes of Home said...

oh I love fried nin ko lily!!

Anonymous said...

I have seen some people dip in beaten egg and fry. Do you know of a good salt bake chicken or 3 cups chicken recipe?


Unknown said...


i have made salted chicken using the microwave and you have reminded me about it. i will try as soon as i get salt and they are pretty expensive here.

3 cups chicken recipe, i have seen the recipes but somehow have not given it a go yet

CRIZ LAI said...

Speaking of Nin Ko, I still have some left in my fridge. :P I normally like it steamed and coated with some grated coconut mixed with a pinch of salt. Somehow you don't see much of this combination overseas as some might have problems getting the coconuts. No problems for Malaysians. :)

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