Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Molly's Ketchup Mei Fun With Omelette

Although this dish has no exotic ingredients, it is very tasty and a favorite in my family, Molly's family. Molly is my mom and she is 82 years old. She has dished up this Ketchup Mei Fun for us, her children and also her grandchildren so often and yet we cannot have enough of it. We might have it for breakfast, lunch or snack time and as usual the plate of mei fun will be consumed in a jiffy. I have served this dish many times at parties and potlucks,and the request for the recipe was always the main topic of the conversation. I have promised to post this recipe but there was no more left for picture everytime i cooked this dish. The green vegetables were present for making this platter more colorful - the original is just mei fun and omelette.


1/2 lb mei fun/beehoon/rice vermicelli - soak in cold water
1/2 cup tomato ketchup/sauce
1 tsp chicken seasoning powder/granules
1 tbsp chopped garlic
4 eggs - beaten with salt and pepper
Water - enough to cook the mei fun
oil for frying the omelette and the mei fun
salt and sugar to adjust taste

Make omelette and cut into strips, set aside.
Heat oil in wok and fry the chopped garlic until slightly golden.
Add in tomato ketchup/sauce, 1 cup water and chicken seasoning. Bring to the boil and stir to combine.
Add in soaked mei fun and stir fry until mei fun is cooked and dry. (sprinkle more water if mei fun is still not cooked through and add more oil if necessary - mei fun tastes better with a little more oil)
Adjust the taste with salt and sugar.
Dish out and serve hot with the omelette.



Sherreen said...


Can use wantan mee or not? I still got wantan mee in my fridge...

lilyng said...


sorry, have to be mei fun/beehoon but you can always try with egg noodle and give me a feedback.

Anonymous said...

This recipe reminded of Beef Tomato Chow Mein and Beef Brocoli Chow Mein.


Hungry Gal said...


My mom used to make this all the time and I never knew how. Now I know her little secret.

FooDcrazEE said...

the taste of yesteryear . . .havent had this in ages and it aint easy to cook

lilyng said...


how are you and the lovely children. i am glad you dropped by, i missed your postings

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, Would you have a recipe for Hup Tou Sou (walnut biscuits?, peanut biscuits?..) not sure what it is but it is yummy!)

Leonna said...

Hi Madam Lily,

May I ask do you have recipe for Stew Pork Belly with salted fish (Ham Yu Fa Lam Po)??

lilyng said...


hup tou is walnut and walnut cookies recipe is on my list of 'things to do'

lilyng said...


try this recipe omit the tofu.

Chris said...

Made this was such a hit! Thanks!!

lightspeed said...

Lily: I tried your Molly's Ketchup Mei Fun With Omelette recipe. I adjusted your recipe by a bit. I added some Lingham's chili sauce. This is not at all because I wanted it to be spicy but to help add some extra taste in. I didn't add so much to the point where it got hot. I also added in some bean sprout. I used chicken stock broth instead of the powdered chicken granules which tends to be more salty. I also added in some sauteed onion.

The dish tasted really good.

desi said...

Dear Lily,

I stumbled upon your blog and tried this recipe today, following religiously everything asked for in the recipe. The dish turned out to be a star. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe !


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