Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Conch, Conpoy and Pork Ribs Soup

I have bought fresh conch before, they were no very tasteful but these dried conch is different. They made the soup so sweet as in umami and the texture is like eating sliced abalone.

2 lbs pork ribs
2 big pieces dried conch
A handful of dried scallops
8 - 10 red pitted dates
Salt and Pepper

Soak dried conch and dried scallops until they are soft and reconstituted.
Put enough water to cover the pork ribs and bring to the boil. Continue to boil until scum foam up.
Discard the water and wash the pork ribs thoroughly.
Put pork ribs and all other ingredients in the pressure cooker. Add enough water to cover and make sure it 2/3 full. Cover lid and pressurized soup for 15 - 30 minutes. Release pressure before opening the lid.
Alternatively use the slow cooker and cook the soup for at least 6 hours.
Using a gravy separator, remove the fat and discard.
Adjust the taste with salt and pepper
Serve hot



Erik said...

I am surprised that there is no broth or stock called for in this soup. Does it pick up that much flavor from the conch?

lilyng said...


My homecooked soups are cooked straight with whatever ingredients desired. No stock is necessary as the pork ribs, chicken or beef are there to be the stock ingredients.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I know this soup is yummy! Where did you buy the dried conch? Agnes now is an expert in using pressure cooker too. As she works, she needs it to make soup for dinner. Quick and easy. I need to read my manual on how to use the pressure cooker again. When you taught Agnes that time, I didn't pay attention lah. :P

lilyng said...


i saw dried conch in viet hoa and it is 10.99 a pkt, swee swee and big pieces. will buy a pkt the next time i go there.

hope you get to use your pressure cooker.

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

Fresh conch is only for stir fry dish !! Any seafood that is dried gives out more aroma. Like mushroom when it is dried it has a very strong aroma and it is better nutritious than the fresh one, the Chinese Chef said. I used pressure cooker since my mom bought one when I was a teenager. My sister gave me 1 when I got married. I just stopped using it when I bought a Thermos pot !! This Thermos pot has a thick copper ring below the base and it keep boiling even after 20 mins ! So the soup will be more tasty !!

If using the pressure cooker, it is better to let it simmer for another 15 mins when no more gas in the pot to make the soup more tasty !! But MUST remove the weight first !! Lily, you try this method and see the great different !! The soup will be more tastier and rich !!

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