Friday, October 03, 2008


These Dorayaki were made while i was making Flapjacks. The recipe is the same only the way they were served was different.

For the recipe follow the Flapjacks but add in a spoonful of red bean paste before folding the flapjacks in half. Preparation of red bean paste can be found here Mooncakes


Anonymous said...

The doriyaki now in Japan come in many favors also. I try the vanilla cream, chocolate, green tea,ect. At home I use pudding fillings,frosting and fruit jams too. Great and easy snack.


lilyng said...


superb idea. thanks

Christy said...

Awwww....the ultimate food which kept Doraemon alive...haha:)

These are so cute, and I liked the way you placed them in a fan-like way:)
Sometimes I call them the mini version pancakes for Doraemon, but seriously these looks great....I've seen them in Jusco's La peanut, red bean, kaya flavors...and chocolate I think:D

Jenny Lye said...

Hi Lily, I follow your blog with great interest and have made some todate. Just thought I mention its actually called Dorayaki.

lilyng said...


thanks for pointing my typo

Hungry Gal said...

Lily - your blog is fantastic. It reminds me of the recipes that my mom and my dear auntie Lin make from the home land. Of course, they have kept many of their recipes a secret, and now I have them! :) Keep up the good work

Hungry Gal

Nazarina A said...

Ooooh this creation sounds wonderful and so are your moon cakes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,
My daughter brought home this dish from a Vietnamese restaurant call Bun Chay. It rice noodle sheets slice call Bun with shredded carrots, cucumber, bean sprouts salad. The bun in center of dish and vegetable around the side serve with nanm sauce as dipping. Up to person fine chop peanut,chinese parley too. The noodle is Chee Cheng Fun.


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