Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kai lan Two Ways

This is special way to kick up a knotch to this dish. I have always served Yau Kai Lan and Mock Seaweed/Seasoned Laver as separate dishes and never thought of putting the two together until my elder girl, Sharon, told me that she had this dish for dinner at a restaurant in Malaysia. I should have used the very tiny 'ikan bilis' but since i had a tub of fried ikan bilis, decided to use that.


11/2 lb Kai Lan
1/2 cup Tiny ikan bilis - fried until crispy
Toasted sesame seeds
1/2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp garlic oil
Follow the method in Yau Kai Lan and Mock Seaweed/Seasoned Laver


CRIZ LAI said...

This is quite a nice fusion oriental dish indeed. :)

Allie said...

I tried this dish at Double Good too. It's nice and special.

Anonymous said...

What is ikan bilis?

lilyng said...


ikan bilis is dried anchovies and for this recipe, use the very tiny ones

karlsfoodie said...

oh my! i just had this dish at a local restaurant and I was wondering hw to go about it!

thanx heaps!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

This looks superyummy! I love kailan -- and that topping is just going to be sensational!

Anonymous said...


I have tried cooking this dish. Instead of using fried anchovies, I replaced it with chicken/pork floss sprinkled on the fried kai lan leaves....its taste good may like to try it.

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