Monday, October 20, 2008

Loh Mei Chook/Black Glutinious Rice Sweet Soup

This sweet rice soup must go hand in hand with crispy Yau Char Kway II and it is top in the list of my comfort food. Make it on a cold wintery day and it will surely warm up not only the body but the soul too, thinking of home. Well done, it should be creamy, sweet, a tinge of saltiness from the thick coconut milk and the crispy yck said it all.


250 g black glutinous rice
50 g white glutinous rice
5 litres water
150 - 200 g castor sugar
75g dried longans, rinsed
2–3 pandan leaves, knotted


Yau Char Kway II
Thick coconut milk mix with 1/2 tsp salt


Wash black and white glutinous rice thoroughly and soak in water for several hours.

Put rice and water into a pot and cook over medium heat until rice is soft and almost creamy.

Alternatively cook in the pressure cooker for 10 - 15 minutes but make sure that the watelevel must not be more than half of the pressure cooker). Remove lid when pressure is released and add in more water to make the soup creamy.

When rice has reached the desired consistency, add dried longans and pandan leaves.Add sugar and simmer for a further 10–15 minutes over gentle heat. ( Sugar should never be added in the beginning of cooking)

Serve with coconut topping and Yau Char Kway II



Allie said...

This one is my favourite tong sui... Yummy...

Hungry Gal said...

I love this dessert with extra coconut milk!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, I've love your blog and have told many of my friends and family about your website here in Sydney. Whenever we meet and cook something and when it is good, we always say it is "Auntie Lily's recipe!" Thanks for your sharing. I go on everyday now to see what's new and my friends can't believe that you can actually blog daily with a new recipe and were amazed.

lilyng said...


i try my best and am glad that the recipes work out good for you and family.

please do come back and see what i have posted.

ioyces said...

hi Aunty Lily!!

thanks for sharing this recipe!!! even though it is quite simple, there are still a few tricks..!! I remember my mom telling me to put a little white glutinous rice to make this dessert silky smooth but i have totally forgot it until i saw your recipe!
i feel 'safe' you are preserving so much of the south east asian culinary heritage on your blog!!!;P
thanks again!!

GiGi said...

so happened i m cooking my bubur pulut hitam this morning ( i soaked it overnite), but i didnt aware there is such a eating way of adding black and white glutinious rice together..! very 1st time in my life i heard about it. Back in Northen region (Penang), we hardly eat like that. But i will certainly give it a try!

Cookie said...

Hi Lily, thanks for posting the recipe. i didn't know it should be cooked together with white glutinous rice. Now I learnt!


lilyng said...


i like to put some glutinous rice in my congee too, it gives a smooth, googy texture to the congee

Cookie said...

Lily, there's so much to learn from you! I wonder why i didn;t find your blog earlier :-)

Hope you don't mind linking my blog to yours.

lilyng said...


i have linked you.

write to me, i have a propasal for you

Jess :) said...

Hi Lily,

Can I omit the dried longans? I've never heard of it being added.

lilyng said...


sure you can just have plain loh mei chook.

Jess :) said...

I tried this tonight & it turned out great! Soooo much though... haha. How many does this serve?

lilyng said...


how many depends how big the bowls you use to them in.

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