Friday, June 26, 2009

Lepat Ubi Kayu/Cassava Wrap

This is a very traditional malay kuih in Malaysia which is served for breakfast or afternoon tea. I cannot have enough of eating this tuber and love everything that is made from it too. My mother and many of her generation, who had gone through the Japanese Occupation will not eat tapioca, perhaps it brings back bad memories of that era where they had nothing eat and had to depend on this tuber. I was trying to find out more of this tuber but ended reading about the Japanese Occupation in Malaysia and i now i can understand why my mother's generation has no craze for it.


The recipe is the same as the bottom layer of
Talam Ubi Kayu
Banana leaves - washed, boiled and cut into 4 inch x 8 inch pieces.

Wrap the cassava batter with prepared banana leaves.
Steam for 10 minutes and enjoy


Ube said...

I love these goodies. We call them suman in Filipino in particular cassava is kamoteng kahoy. Yes, they are great breakfast treat and afternoon snacking and the flavor the banana leaves impart is really wonderful. I hope you do not mind, if I ask you this. Why you have to microwave the mixture first before wrapping them.? As usual many thanks to you.

Taste of My Life said...

Feel like having it for today's breakfast now!

lilyng said...


cooking the batter first before steaming, will ensure that the batter will be well mixed and the steaming will be faster too.

Alice said...

why does it need to boil the banana leave? Is it to make the leave softer and won't crack? Boiling will get rid of the banana leave fragrant, no?

lilyng said...


banana leaves has to be boiled or pass through the flame so that they will be softened and do not crack.

another reason for boiling is to clean the leaves.

yes, fragrance will be lost but the taste and appearance of the end product is more important.

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