Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Handmade Loh See Fun and Lai Fun

ALEXANDER'S LUNCH - Loh See Fun with shredded chicken and soup.

This was the result of the first batch of dough i made to make 'Putu Mayam'. Since i did not have the correct template for 'Putu Mayam' but i do have bigger holes template, Voila, the dough was pressed and steamed and became 'Lai Fun'.

These 'Loh See Fun' was hand-rolled. Pinch a tiny pea-size dough and rub it between your palms, the dough will form into a strip with both ends pointed. You might have to dust your palms with tapioca starch. When done, steam until cooked and serve them in soups of choice or 'kon loh' with fragrant oil, black thick soya sauce and c ooked ground pork. In Malaysia, we call this 'Loh Shi Fun' and in Hong Kong it is called 'Silver Needle Noodles' but it is made with 'wheat starch a.k.a. Tung Mein Fun'.

Recipe for dough, use the same ingredients and method as in Putu Mayam. Ground Pork Sauce goes very well with soup or 'kon loh'.



Ube said...

My guess is this is how they make dried rice noodles and just sun dried the noddles. There is dried noodles in Chinatown that I really like when in raw stage it is in cylindrical form when cooked turned into flat noodles called Efu Mein kind of an off white in color. I read the package it is made out of 100% wheatstarch. The texture is very good. When cooked the noodles has bite to it and really good. Maintain its bite does not get soggy.

Cindy Khor said...

oh, i love claypot lou shi fun the best. love how slippery they are and you're right too, they taste good with pork soup

Anonymous said...

I had it in teahouse and must took a long time to make noodles since so many customers order it. Will try to make it at home.


Mary said...

Oh, my. This really looks good and it looks like something I can try. Thank you, Lily.

Anonymous said...

hey lily
thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes here.
best food blog ever

suresh chong

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