Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sweetened Sweet Potato Soup

I have always known 'farn shee' as sweet potato and it comes in all color, size and shape but here in the States, it is called yam for the very yellow type and the paler yellow is sweet potato. It was the alternative diet to rice, known to the older generation who went through the Japanese Occupation in Malaysia and they have no desire to eat it anymore. To me, sweet potato in sweetened ginger soup is a comfort food.

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2 large sweet potato/yam(as it is called in the 'States')
a knob of ginger - about 1 inch
8 ozs sugar
2 quarts water


Peel sweet potato/yam and diced into cubes(leave in water as it will turn brown due to oxidation).

Remove the skin from ginger and slice thin.

Put diced sweet potato/yam, ginger and water and bring to boil.

Turn heat down to simmer until sweet potato/yam is fork tender.

Add in sugar and cook until sugar dissolves.

Ginger slices can be removed before serving.



fooDcrazEE said...

yummy! Here we do add some extra cassava or tapioca as it is called here. Lends more to colour and taste..

Best on cold day!

culinary said...

your sweet potato look so orangy can make ondeh ondeh

lilyng said...


i am still very traditional in my cooking and have not adopted much fusion. If i have tapioca, i will make pengat which has sago, coconut milk and gula melaka.

lilyng said...

jingle 26

will certainly make onde onde with these yam

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha..I have this recipe typed out and saved in my blog to post in the future too. *wink*

Oh Lily, check out my blog for kuih bangkit recipe. I just realized that I actually have been making mine with different measurement from leelee. No wonder mine looks completely different from her. Maybe you can give my recipe a try! :)

fooDcrazEE said...

traditional or fuion, as long it taste good, believed no one will reject the food.


lilyng said...


email me both the recipes, if i have a chance i will try it out cos the last time i made it, it did not melt in the mouth like it should.

lilyng said...


There are so many new addition to traditional recipes that i have recently discovered and they are pretty good. Mung beans added to taro to make taro puff, sweet potato or black eyed pea added to taro cake and now casava added to farn shee tong sui. interesting????

Sunflowertan said...

Hi lily

i like your blog alot.. it has all the most popular dishes. I want to find the receipe for the "cheng ting" cooling dessert.

I try one called " liu wei tang" consist of 6 type, "lian chi " , "pang tai hai", "white fungus"," dry logan", "atah seed", the orange kind of skin.

but i am not sure how to cook the ingredient.

do u know how to cook.


lilyng said...


to cook what you stated:

boil lian chi, white fungus, dry longan and the tangerine peel in water until lian chi is soft.

Add sugar to taste.

pang tai hai has to be soaked and can be added to the sweetened soup when you need to eat it.

atah seeds comes in a can, no preparation is need.

Sunflowertan said...

hi lily

thank for telling me the method. i will try this one of these day.


Siew Chin said...

This recipe is easy to prepare. I made some. It was so hot & yummy when drink it during winter. Thanks Lily!

Tiffany said...

yum yum....and it seems easy enough to make! gotta try it :D

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