Monday, January 02, 2006

Mandarin Shanghai Pancake

There are so many shanghai pancake recipes that i have tried making. Some turned out greasy and hard. I found this one from Kuali and it has been a keeper. Leaving fried pancake in a slow oven for a while will help to further cook the inside layers of pastry and remove some of the grease.

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Use any ready-made red bean paste or lotus seed paste.


Pastry A:

300g flour
125ml water
80g shortening

Pastry B:

85g flour
50g shortening


Combine ingredients for pastry a well toform a soft dough.

Mix ingredients for pastry b to form an oil dough.

Divide dough (A) into two equal portions.

Divide dough (B) into two equal portions.

Roll dough (A) flat.

Place dough (B) in the centre.

Fold dough (A) to cover up the oil dough (B).

Roll out into a rectangle.

Fold the sides to the centre again and roll out flat again into a rectangle.

Place 125g of paste in the centre. (i put the paste in plastic wrap and roll to the required size)

Cover up the paste with the sides of the pastry.

Deep-fry the pancake in oil till golden brown and leave in a preheated 300 f oven to finish the browning.

Cut into slices and serve when cold.



Little Corner of Mine said...

So, this is how Mandarin Shanghai pancake looks like! Never have this kind before, did you freeze one for me to try? :P

lilyng said...


will have to make it for the cny then. i think i will have steam boat for the 29th jan and make yee sang.

Little Corner of Mine said...


You know your yee sang is to die for right? :)

Can make it a potluck steam boat too, then don't have to do so much.

M'siaGal said...

Hi Lily,
Love your blog.
Do you know where can I get ready-made red bean paste or lotus seed paste in US?

lilyng said...


the red bean and lotus seed paste can be found in cans in the asian stores. I have found red bean paste in plastic packs in the korean stores, they have coarse and fine but it is just sugared and will do for pancake fillings, paus or bread but not for mooncakes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
Can you show me how to make my own red bean paste?

lilyng said...


the recipe for preparing red bean paste is here

you can omit the oil totally for the pancake or use 1/4 of the oil required.

sabrina said...

hi lily,

what type of flour are you referring to?

thanks for sharing the recipe :)

lilyng said...


when a recipe says 'flour', it is usually plain flour which is all-purpose flour - bleached or unbleached.

jane said...

Is margarine or butter a better subsitute for the shortening?

lilyng said...


this subject has been debated on a lengthy basis and you are the best judge.

janet said...

Hi Lily,
Can this be bake too?? If can, how long should I bake this?? Thanks.

lilyng said...


yes, you can bake this but the pastry tastes better when fried.

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