Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smiling Steamed Cake Revisited

I get very disturbed when a posted recipe does not turn out right. I have been tossing and turning for 2 nights trying to figure out what when wrong when we made this recipe and it did not smile. Have to make it again, just to see if there is a typo or whatever. All of them smiled, this time i used the electric steamer and this orange colored sugar that came all the way from Singapore. If you wish the cake to smile into 4 sections, then you would have to bless it with an oiled spatula and make the sign of the cross on the batter before steaming. Believe it or not, the blessing works.

With all the tossing and turning, the only presumption is that the ratio of liquid was not right, the flour was weighed in a kitchen scale which the marking for grams was too difficult to be correct and the carbonated drink too might not have reached the required amount with all the frizzies. The advise for no more sleepless nights, use the digital scale.

Smiling Steamed Cake recipe is here

Noticed the smiles in 4 sections?
They are the Blessed Ones


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I'm all the way in Florida. A friend of mine in North Carolina sent this link to me. I cannot tell u how thrilled I am! I'm going to try your dodol today and the pandan chicken this weekend. I cannot wait to share so much of my fav. childhood kuihs with my mac and cheese eating kids!!:)

cakewardrobe said...

I love fatt kohs! Yours look fabulous and wonderfully colorful! I will post it on my blog soon. My recipe was handed down via paper old school style and it uses rice flour and brown sugar. It's sooo traditional!

Anonymous said...

the smiling effect of this steamed cake has something to do with the gluten of the flour. If you use flour with the lowest gluten grade, you have to beat all the ingredients at once until it becomes very white and thick. If using medium grade gluten, beat in the flour when eggs are thick and white, beat for about 6-7 minutes. High gluten flour only need about 2-3 mins. If your cake is still not smiling, add another few minutes of mixing. You will see, the more you beat, the broader the smile. But be careful, overbeating could result in shrinking after steaming.

Unknown said...


thank you for this valuable tip

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