Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rose Paus

As a presence in a room with its scent, color, and shape, a rose can take possession of the viewer's innermost thoughts and emotions, making everything else look absurdly small in comparison. This you are talking about A Rose, but how about a plate full of Roses, edible ones?  Yes, what are your innermost thoughts when you looked at this plate?  Are your emotions all worked up? bet you would want to grap one and give it a good sniff.  Oops, should have used some rose essence on the paus but for now the aroma of yeast has to please the nose..

You would hope to win the heart by giving a rose but by giving a plateful, i hope to satiate the stomach and increase your waistline.

Giving white roses says that you believe that your intentions are pure and that the recipient is worthy. This statement is so true, i am sharing this recipe with good pure intentions and all you recipients are definitely worthy

The recipe  and step-by-step on how to make Rose Paus is HERE Read More......

Monday, April 18, 2011

So Happy Together

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received Tyson Grilled And Ready Chicken and Uncle Ben’s(R) Whole Grain White Rice and they arrived so timely TOGETHER which made me SO HAPPY cos i had to feed 2 hungry grandkids who looked like they were going to be knocked out if food was not ready in a JIFFY.  These 2 products helped me to keep up with my repertoire of cooking IN A JIFFY.  Looking at the whole grain white rice, i know my picky grandkids will not eat it, but ????  they love Hainanese Chicken Rice, so i cooked this rice the Hainanese way  - thank you 'Paydey Ben' (Paydey is Uncle in Hainanese, i hope i got it right). Tyson Grilled and Ready saved the day too.  When the rice was ready, the Tyson Chicken slices were already ready as stated.  The grandkids were ready to eat and everyone, Rice, Chicken and grandkids were all SO HAPPY TOGETHER.

HERE is the recipe. Read More......

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fried Tofu Squares With Beef

What do you really miss/crave when away from your homeland? Do you crave some basic things, that seem small, but their absence is heavily missed. I do and what i missed most is - going to the wet markets and getting all the ingredients to cook. This simple ingredient is tasteless, but delicately flavored--soft soy bricks known as tofu. Here there are two main kinds of tofu, silken or soft tofu, and firm or regular tofu and they are boxed. What i missed most is the kind which is called - SANG FAH in cantonese. They are usually square and has a thin skin layer of the pattern of the muslin cloth used to cover it. In fact, in IPOH, MALAYSIA a city which is popular for the best tofu, even displays the tofu still with the muslin cloth and when you wish to purchase it, then only will the cloth be removed. I don't know if this practice is still there and i hope it is cos they are the best tofu, so smooth and delicate. One bite and you will be in TOFU HEAVEN. IPOH -lites, please tell me that these tofu are still selling in the wet markets.

The recipe for Fried Tofu Squares with Beef is HERE Read More......

Monday, April 11, 2011

Garlicky Belly Pork

Have you ever eaten or cooked with pork belly? Pork belly is usually referred to the belly region of a pig which is from the underside. Pork Bellies are more commonly known as Bacon and now, when you think of all the delicious bacon recipes, you know where it comes from Eating Belly pork gives you an amazing textural experience, a feeling of flavor oozing in mouth You have a nice layer of meat, a nice layer of fat, another nice layer of meat, another nice layer of fat, and when you cook it properly, this combination of textures together with its rich, juicy loveliness will satiate your palate.

This cut of meat is enormously popular in chinese and korean cuisine.

The recipe for Garlicky Belly Pork is HERE Read More......

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Second Fondant Birthday Cake

 I would like to share some pictures of my second attempt in making birthday cakes iced with fondant.  Tatum and Cole are twins and just turned 10.  Tatum being a girl wanted a cake with Shaymin - a Pokemon character and Cole wanted a chocolate cake and provided me with the toys he wanted to be on top of his cake.  Happy Birthday, Tatum and Cole.

I used this cocoa-yogurt-layer-cake for the cakes.  For the recipe and how to make Gumpaste and Marshmallow Fondant is HERE.  The Buttercream recipe is HERE Read More......

Monday, April 04, 2011

Cocoa Yogurt Layer Cake

I have been preoccupied the whole of last week, doing what?????? What else? Making figurines out of gumpaste and baking of course. I had to make a cake for a set of twins, Tatum and Cole who turned 10. Cole wanted a Chocolate Cake, so this was the cake i made. I took this opportunity to experiment on 'HOW to bake a LEVEL cake', one which i did not have to level by cutting into the cake. I am sure, all you bakers will agree on how frustrating it must be, to level cakes by slicing and ending up with mounts of scrapes. I will post my experiments as soon as possible but first i would like to share this cake recipe which is a very tender, inexpensive cake.

The recipe for Cocoa Yogurt Layer Cake is HERE Read More......
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