Monday, April 04, 2011

Cocoa Yogurt Layer Cake

I have been preoccupied the whole of last week, doing what?????? What else? Making figurines out of gumpaste and baking of course. I had to make a cake for a set of twins, Tatum and Cole who turned 10. Cole wanted a Chocolate Cake, so this was the cake i made. I took this opportunity to experiment on 'HOW to bake a LEVEL cake', one which i did not have to level by cutting into the cake. I am sure, all you bakers will agree on how frustrating it must be, to level cakes by slicing and ending up with mounts of scrapes. I will post my experiments as soon as possible but first i would like to share this cake recipe which is a very tender, inexpensive cake.

The recipe for Cocoa Yogurt Layer Cake is HERE


Joy said...

That looks wonderful.

Cami Lopez said...

Thanks for sharing this one!

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