Monday, March 28, 2011

No Knead Rosemary Foccacia

I was at the Library and found this Sept - Oct 2008, Cook's Illustrated and it featured a "Better Foccacia". How better is it? i would have to bake one to find out. The best part in the process of making this Foccacia is - no need to knead. It has been quite awhile since Alexander made The No-knead Bread, and i ask if he would like to help make bread again. He was only 3 when he helped with The No Knead Bread and now that he is coming to be 6, has other more interesting activities than helping me in the kitchen. He does not need to help , i would be the happiest, if he will eat my cooking or baking. When i bake bread, Renee is my biggest fan, she can smell bread baking in the oven a mile away and would always ask when can she have a piece. She likes everything that is doughy, she is a carb person.

The recipe and how to make No Knead Foccacia is HERE


Anonymous said...

My son did not have any special herbs or seasoning he like so he use sun dried tomatos and other one hotdog. Kids loved the hotdog foccacia one.


Amelia said...

Hi there,

I have an award for you,


lilyng said...


thank you

CuisineHOUzz said...

Hai Lilyng,Thanks for the hotdog version of foccacia.I tried and my child loved this.

The Bakerwoman said...

The Foccacia bread looks yummy Aunty Lily...I like bruschetta (instead of baguette, I used Foccacia) with lots of tomatoes, mozerella cheese & not forgetting drizzling olive oil over it!


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