Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fried Tofu Squares With Beef

What do you really miss/crave when away from your homeland? Do you crave some basic things, that seem small, but their absence is heavily missed. I do and what i missed most is - going to the wet markets and getting all the ingredients to cook. This simple ingredient is tasteless, but delicately flavored--soft soy bricks known as tofu. Here there are two main kinds of tofu, silken or soft tofu, and firm or regular tofu and they are boxed. What i missed most is the kind which is called - SANG FAH in cantonese. They are usually square and has a thin skin layer of the pattern of the muslin cloth used to cover it. In fact, in IPOH, MALAYSIA a city which is popular for the best tofu, even displays the tofu still with the muslin cloth and when you wish to purchase it, then only will the cloth be removed. I don't know if this practice is still there and i hope it is cos they are the best tofu, so smooth and delicate. One bite and you will be in TOFU HEAVEN. IPOH -lites, please tell me that these tofu are still selling in the wet markets.

The recipe for Fried Tofu Squares with Beef is HERE

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