Monday, February 23, 2009

Double Chocolate Financier Cake II

This cake has never failed me, I am getting better in making it. This time, i made double the amount of Ganache, which made it easier without having to stinge on the filling and there was enough to cover the whole cake with ease.


Unknown said...

Hi Lily,
Wow...ur cake looks great with Godiva Chocolate decorated on it. U r so good in baking....I must try this for my birthday soon!!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Your chocolate cake looks really good! Just wondering what chocolate did you use this time, it seems much darker then your previous Chocolate Financier Cake? Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

honey bee sweets

for the ganache, i used 6 ozs of semi-sweet choc chips and 3 ozs baker's unsweetened plus 6 tbsp sugar. The rest are the same except double the amount

Sunshine said...

Hi Lily,

I know the last time you made this you had to substitute unsweetened coconut milk because you didn't have heavy whipping cream I was wondering would it be possible if I substitute half and half for the heavy whipping cream.

What's unsweetened coconut milk BTW? Are the can once that we get at the oriental store ie. Aroy brand count as unsweetened coconut milk?

Thank you for sharing your recipes here :)

Sorry to ask so many questions ;)

Unknown said...


unsweetened coconut milk is the one used for curries and dessert.

To use it for the ganache, use only the thick cream that is coagulated. Put can in the fridge to get the fat coagulated. Read the label on the can, get the highest saturated fat content - Aroy-D has one which has 85% saturated fat.

You could use half and half but the ganache will not be so flavorful.

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