Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cocktail Buns

These famous buns were born in Hong Kong but is loved world-wide. They are irresistable as they are sweet, buttery, coconuty(if there is such a word), soft especially when the dough is made using the Tangzhong starter/Water roux.

This recipe is from Angie's Recipe


285 g Bread flour,
42 g Sugar,
½ tsp Salt,
6 g Dry active yeast/1 tsp instant yeast
30 g Egg,(1/2 an egg)
85 ml Warm milk,

22 g Butter
60 g Butter,
30 g Vanilla pudding powder (or milk powder),
3 tbsp Sugar,
20 g Coconut shreds
30 g Shortening,
20 g Butter,
40 g /confectioner's/Icing sugar,
40 g Cake flour,
½ pc Egg,
¼ tsp Salt,
Sesame seeds
Add dough ingredients (a) and (b) in a mixing bowl. Mix with dough hook at slow speed for 1 minute. Change to the medium speed, and continue to mix on slow speed for 3 minutes on medium speed until a dough is form. Add butter gradually and mix for approx. 5 minutes on medium speed until gluten is fully developed, i. e. elastic, smooth, non-sticky and leave from sides of mixing bowl.

Ferment the dough in a lightly greased plastic bag for 1 hour,
Leave in a warm place until dough is double in volume.
Alternatively use the breadmachine - put ingredients b: first, follow by ingredients a:. choose the dough function. When a dough is formed, add in the butter and let the dough function complete the cycle.
Punch the dough down to release gases produced in the fermenting process.
Divide dough into 6 even portions and round up. Rest for 10 minutes.

Beat butter and sugar of the filling ingredients until creamy, blend in pudding powder and coconut shreds.
Mix 2 kinds grease from the topping and then sift in the confectioner's/icing sugar. Combine well.
Gradually add in egg and salt. Beat until well-combined. Sift cake flour into the mixture. Blend.
Place the whole mixture in a pastry bag.

Press each portion into a round and place some stuffing in the middle of dough, seal the edge and shape each into the long shaped bun.
Pipe the topping and drizzle the top with sesame seeds.
Bake at 175C/350F for about 15 minutes

These buns are made with a different filling:
100 g butter
45 g all-purpose flour
50 g milk powder
45 g fine granulated sugar
20 g coconut
Cream butter with sugar until fluffy, then add in the rest of the ingredients. Blend thoroughly.


Anonymous said...

These taste great Lily! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Hi Lily, can i use dessicated coconut instead as i can't find freshly grated coconut here in London? do i need to steam the dessicated coconut first or can i use it straight away?

thanks for your advice.

best regards,

Unknown said...


i have used dessicated coconut, freshly grated coconut and sweetened coconut shreds and they were all good.

use the dessicated coconut as is.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Very cute! But why so hard to make one? You know me "si peh pun tua lah", my bread machine has been hibernating. :P

Beachlover said...

your "kai mei pau" really look great! wish I can bake this!

Unknown said...


spring is coming soon, take the machine out - it is no effort with it, i know you make great bread

Rachel said...

hi lily,

i used my breadmaker to make the dough. then took it out and put the filling, then tried to let it proof but it failed to rise after 2 hrs in my kitchen. it is hard when i baked it. i think kitchen is not warm enough as it's end of winter here in London. what can i do to make the filled dough rise? can i preheat the oven and then off it and put the filled dough into the oven to let it rise? please advise.

many thanks,

Unknown said...


yes, when the kitchen temp. is low, it takes longer for the yeast to grow again - rise/proof. what i do is, i will put the tray of buns in the oven with a tray of hot water on a rack below.

you should not bake if it has not risen enough, it is a waste of all your effort. time can only help.

turning on the oven to very low and then turning is off helps but oven temps are never correct, so if it is higher than expected, you could kill the yeast.

Rachel said...

Thank you very much for your advice, Lily. I will try your method the next time.

tazyspin said...

Hi Lily,

For your bread recipes, is it possible to use the dough recipes for other flavored buns or bread?? E.g sausage buns, ikan bilis filling bun, etc.


Unknown said...


absolutely, any sweet bun recipe will do

tazyspin said...

Thanx again, Lily.



tazyspin said...

Hi Lily,

I've tried making various bread but most of the time, my bread becomes hard once it's cooled down. Would you be able to advise why is it so?


Unknown said...


i am not really an expert but i know bread stale whether homemade or from the bakery, although the store bought ones do have better shelf life and i am sure there are additives.

To make your bread soft again - wet the kitchen towel and wrap the bun in it and zap in the microwave for 10 - 30 seconds depending on the wattage of your microwave. Be very careful, the filling can be very hot.

To keep your bread fresh, keep in the freezer and zap in the microwave and it will be like fresh bread.

better still - finish eating all the buns/bread fresh

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Lily,

Just tried baking this bread earlier. I must say, it is the best cocktail bun i have ever made.

thanks for sharing the recipe.


leanne said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. Do you think it is possible to freeze the dough and take out later to put filling and bake?

Unknown said...


i don't know if the dough can be frozen but if you leave it in the fridge, it will still be ok even after 3 days.

Anonymous said...

Are measurements for this recipe available in US units? Thanks. Elly

Unknown said...


you can google a conversion site by googling and then you will be able to convert to US units.

Frugal Sauce said...

Have always thought about making these cocktail buns as they remind me of when i was growing up in HK! Have just made them and they are SO DELICIOUS. Soft, Fluffy and smells just like how they should! I'm so pleased with the result first time!!
Thanks for sharing the recipe!! Great stuff!!

maliah said...

It looks yummy. I would like to try it, ya!

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