Friday, February 20, 2009

Coconut candy

Rowntree fruit gum, barley sugar, butterscotch or Murray Mints are some of the English sweets when i was growing up, but this Coconut Candy is THE One And Only candy which is not imported and so is made with local ingredients that are readily available in Malaysia. It was and still is wrapped with lovely colored cellophane.


100g palm sugar/gula melaka/gula jawa/gula anau/gula aren
75g maltose
2 tsp sugar
125ml Coconut cream
Crush palm sugar into smaller pieces and put the rest of the ingredient in a heavy based saucepan. (I like to put the saucepan over a cast-ironed skillet).
Cook on medium heat, stirring until the palm sugar and sugar is melted.
Do not stir and cook until it is 257 f - the hard ball stage.
To test , drop a blob into cold water. It should harden.
Pour the mixture onto a greased silicone mat.
Using the plastic spatula, stir to cool the mixture slightly, then divide mixture into 4 portions. Roll each portion into a long, 1/2 inch thick roll, then cut into 1 inch lengths while it is still warm. Shape the edges and wrap in cellophane.

These candies are made with Gula Aren which was sent to me by Lydia Cartagena from Los Angeles. Lydia, thank you and the Gula aren was very good. Thank you again


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lily. It was the one recipe that I requested for before. I will try it tomorrow. Will keep you informed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

When you said you cooked the ingredients in a saucepan over a cast-iron skillet....did you put water in the cast-iron skillet or you just put the saucepan over a dry cast-iron skillet? Can't wait to try this on Sunday!

Unknown said...


my saucepan's bottom is not so thick, so the heat might not be even, the cast-iron skillet helped alot. No water, just sit the saucepan on the skillet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the cast iron skillet since my saucepan doesn't have a heavy bottom either.

Does maltose come in solid or liquid form?

Unknown said...


here is a picture and write up about maltose

Beachlover said...

this gula melaka is one of my favourite.Must get it when shop at asian store.I have all the ingredients except greased silicone mat.May I know where you get this silicone mat ? it's look like translucent light cover sheet .oh!! btw,I found the heart shape's made By Wilton!! I can get in AC Moore or Micheal's store.Thanks!

Unknown said...


i got the silpat from Amazon - they were on sakle - 4 for the price of 3, so paid $30 for 4. The normal price everywhere is about 16.00. I have been using another brand - World Cuisine' for the past 8 years, they save so much money on parchment paper. Am going to buy the cake pan liners from Bed, bath and beyond and see how good they are.

Laura said...

WOW.....just found your site from another Malaysian blogger. This candy brings back memory. My mom used to make them.

Ice said...

Lily, I tried your coconut candy twice. They are very nice. I am wondering, does the silicone mat help in separating the candy easily when it cools? I don't have a silicone mat and it stinks on my normal clay plate. Would silicone mat help?

Unknown said...

ai shiang

i know how it sticks, the silicone is very good but you could use greaseproof paper but grease it first and you have to work fast, oil your fingers too.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this recipe, finally got it here. I can't wait to buy all the ingredients immediately and tried it. I followed all the steps and unfortunately it was not successful. The mixture was like a mud and after rolling and throwing for more than an hour, it was still like mud and could not shape at all. I am so disappointed. Could you please enlighten me what was wrong? Thanks.

Unknown said...


did you cook the sugar until 257f to hard ball stage?

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