Friday, August 29, 2008

Muruku II

I bought a packet of 'Tepung Kacang Hitam' and have wondered if it is the right kind for making Muruku. The following recipe calls for 'Black Bean Flour' , so i used it and they turned out to be the best Muruku that i have tasted.


16 ozs Rice flour

4 ozs black bean flour

2 teaspoons caraway seeds(oom seeds would be better)

4 teaspoons cumin seeds,

1/2 teaspoons tumeric powder

2 level teaspoons salt

2 ozs grated coconut

1 can 400 ml coconut cream

55 ml water

Oil for frying


Mix all the ingredients together and knead to a semi-firm dough.

Allow to sit for 30 minutes.

Put dough in muruku presser to test for texture. It should flow easily showing clear pattern.

Heat oil for frying and press dough into heated oil. I like to pipe the dough out into a spiral circle into individual parchment paper, then lower the dough into the hot oil)

Fry over moderately high heat till golden brown



Little Corner of Mine said...

Wah muruku, bring some tomorrow leh! :P Or habis already? :P

Anonymous said...

Is it an SouthEast Asian? I will try to make it after I come back from the grocery store with the ingredient to make it.


LilyAnette said...

Hello, I am new to your blog and I love all your recipes! Thank you for sharing and I would love to try Murukku too one day!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you made these yourself. I love these things. Can't imagine what it would taste like fresh.

Tastes of Home said...

hey lily, Happy Merdeka Day! haha

btw, Brian actually loves muruku!! looks good

Anonymous said...

Ur muruku looks great, Lily! If using oom seeds, do we use the same amt like the caraway seeds ie 2 tsp?


Unknown said...


south east asia has a large portion of it's population who is from Indian decent and this is made by the indian community in malaysia and singapore.

Unknown said...


if oom seeds are available, please do use them and in the same quantity

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Thank you for the information. I do like to cook and collect indian recipes this one will in my file for sure. Did you ever try making Indian ice cream?

People in Hong Kong love Indian foods.


Unknown said...


one day i might try to make indian ice cream

~Ling~ said...

I love indian snacks! Definitely a recipe on my to cook list ",)

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