Monday, September 01, 2008

Pineapple 'Open' Tarts

This recipe is from The Best of Singapore Cooking, 5th reprint 1995. This book was given to me by my dear friend, Agnes. Thank you, dear Agnes and CM, you don't know how happy i was. I owned a photostated copy of this cookbook since 1988 and have made so many recipes with success. The only difference in this reprint is, this recipe which makes very good tarts is not in my copy, if it was, i would have tried this recipe a long long time ago.
I will only share the pastry recipe as the filling recipe and making of the tarts can be found in the earlier Pineapple Tart posting.


1 1/2 lb/680 gm flour
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp fine granulated sugar
1 lb/454 gm cold butter - cut into small pieces
1 egg
2 fl oz/60 ml ice water
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 drops of yellow food coloring

Put A into food processor and pulse twice.
Add in B - cold butter and using the pulse function, pulse until mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
Add in C and pulse until dough is formed.
Remove and chill for 30 minutes.
Pastry is ready to make into tarts.



The Lee Girls said...

whoooo, pineapple tarts! Yummy yummy in my tummy! One of my favorite snacks.

Thank you for posting this.


Family First said...

One of my favs too! We will have a chance soon to get these goodies since its nearing Hari Raya!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,

May I know the book you were referring is it called "The best of Singapore Recipes everyday favourites" by Leong Yee Soo? If it is different, could you please quote the title and the author please. I am a recipe book collector. Thank you.

Best regards,

Unknown said...


the book is 'THE BEST OF SINGAPORE COOKING' - mrs leong yee soo.

it is the same book but this recipe appears in this 5th reprint.

Shirley said...

Dear Lily

I don't have a food processor. is there an alternative way to make this without a food processor?


Unknown said...


no processor no problem. just cut in the butter into the dry ingredients and rub in until it looks like breadcrumbs. Add in egg and form into a dough. do not overwork dough.

J Kerr said...

1.5 lbs flour is it 680g ? thanks

Unknown said...

jovial ker

you are absolutely right. 680 g = 1 1/2 lbs

J Kerr said...

Thanks lily! I just made the pineapple tart today, it seems like the tart is slightly salty, is it suppose to be like that? I'm using 4 1/2 cup unsalted butter stick. I did not use the yellow coloring, thats why the color is not as goldenish as urs.

Shirley said...

Hi Lily, I usually make your pineapple rolls recipe but this year, i also tried this open tart recipe. It was good! but I needed a lot more flour than your recipe called for. Probably like 100 grams more, not sure, it was more than a few more handfuls. I just keep adding the flour till the dough became workable. With the original quantity indicated, my dough was a gooey mess. I'm guessing it's because I'm in Singapore where it's a lot more humid so the mixture is a lot more moist.

Unknown said...


i think your guess is right but the butter has to be very cold, cut into small dices. In your case it has to be put in the fridge to firm up before using.

pricillia3 said...

Hi Lily, I make your pineapple recipe , but turn out the dough a lot more then the pinapple Jam that I have, can I put the dough on the refrigerator over night? or freezer better? Thank you so much

Unknown said...


yes, the dough can be kept in the freezer for longer.

Keith Wong said...

Hi Lily, do you prefer this pastry or the pastry from your 2006 post?

Unknown said...


i like both of them, this one has more butter so it is shorter and the other one is crispier.

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