Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chicken Essence

I have to try ways and means to get Renee to eat well, she is so picky with food. I made this soup for her and luckily she likes it. It is not difficult to make and it did not take a long time to cook - the pressure cooker is the way to go

Pound chicken breast with a mallet - use cling wrap on the bottom and top of chicken breast and sprinkle with a little water before pounding

Overturn a small bowl onto to a larger bowl which will fit into the pressure cooker

Place the pounded chicken breast onto the small bowl and cover the larger bowl with aluminium foil. Put the steamer rack and 1 inch of water in the pressure cooker. Put the bowl onto the steamer rack and cover the lid of pressure cooker.

Turn on the heat to high and when the pressure is high enough, the hissing will be loud, turn heat down and cook for 1/2 hour

Remove lid of pressure cooker only when all the pressure has been released. Take away the aluminium foil and remove the small bowl. The cooked chicken will be stuck to it.

The chicken essence will be at the bottom of larger bowl and is ready. Add a tiny pinch of salt to taste.

Any lean meat can be used.


Val said...

oh I love this soup. My mom used to make it for me all the time. But I think she use whole farm chicken instead.

Unknown said...


you can use the whole chicken if you wish but please remove the oil before drinking

Anonymous said...

hi ,
thanks for the wonderful detailed recipe photos.regds jtc

The Lee Girls said...

Thank you for posting this! My daughter is just as picky I have run out of ideas what to make for her. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, why is it that we have to put water on the meat before pounding? Jen

Unknown said...


to fasilitate movement so that the chicken breast spreads better when pounding

Anonymous said...

hi, i dont have a pressure cooker. Is there any other way tomake this?
Thank you.

Unknown said...


you can cook over the stovetop but it will take a long time perhaps a few hours and remember to replenish water as it cooks.

Anonymous said...

can i use black chicken instead?


Unknown said...


absolutely, any meat will do

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