Monday, August 18, 2008


I was only introduced to Kimchi when i came here to the States. I did not know how it should taste and keep making them tasting like the malaysian sambal. Many attempts and still did not meet my son in law's satisfaction, in fact, i have given up hope of making kimchi to his liking. Knowing me, i will not accept defeat. I know he likes the ones that come in the glass bottles from the store, so i looked at the ingredients and made kimchi following them. I think i know the secret ingredient - the chicken seasoning powder/msg.

The following is my way of making the Kimchi he likes

Dissolve 1/4 cup coarse sea salt/kosher salt with 1 cup of hot water, then top it up with cold water, enough to cover the nappa cabbage

Ingredients for making the kimchi sauce -
3 tbsp of hot pepper powder, bloom with 3 tbsp hot water
1 tbsp salted shrimp
1 tbsp brown sugar
6 cloves garlic - pass through the garlic press
1 tiny piece ginger - grate with microplane
3 stalks of green onions - chop fine
1 tbsp of Glutinious rice flour , mix with 1/2 cup cold water, then cook in the microwave until cooked.
1 tbsp of chicken seasoning powder
Mix all the ingredients above to make the sauce

Cut one large nappa cabbage about 3 - 31/2 lbs into quarters
Place the quartered cabbage to steep in the salt water for at least 6 - 8 hours, i like it longer

Weigh down the cabbage with something heavy

When the cabbage is properly salted, it will be limp, then let it drain, remove the core and cut into 2 inch pieces

Mix the cut cabbages with the sauce and press it down into a clean glass jar and cover the lid tight. Leave on the counter for 2 days and kimchi will be ready to eat. To know if kimchi is ready, the color of the red pepper powder will be brighter and bubbles are visible due to fermentation.

Keep jar in refrigerator.


Anonymous said...

My Korean friend even put fresh oyster in it too or by it self for oyster kimchee. She sometime use celery, cumcubers, radishs or head cabbage for kimchee. Kimchee in noodle soups or kimchee rice is very good also.

Lu Jun

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Now I am going to make some kimchee. In Hawaii they put it on hamburgers and hotdogs to give it a kick. They even make kimchee green mangos that super.


Asan said...

Lily, may I know if the salted shrimp is from a jar (your pix) and available in the Korean stores? Did you use fine or coarse hot pepper powder? Thanks!

Unknown said...


i use coarse hot pepper powder

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I thought you might like to see this video on making kimchee. I have tried some of the recipes on her site and they are very good. our son-in-law might like her kimchee recipe. :)

Unknown said...


i too have seen this video on youtube and she is the best reference to korean cuisine.


eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Wow, your own kimchi. I'm impressed!

pigpigscorner said...

Hi lily, I always fail to make kimchi. They tend to turn into a darker shade of red instead of brighter. What is the purpose of adding glutinuous rice flour?

Unknown said...


the glutinuous flour aids fermentation and gives a special sweetness/tang.

if fermentation begins, the darker red will turn brighter. Add more sugar to aid fermentation

pigpigscorner said...

Thanks lily, will give it another go!

Rebecca said...

Lily, thanks for the little tips by adding some chicken stock powder, no wonder mine is not that tasty. I fried it with some pork slices & spring onion, it tasted great !Thank you again.

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