Monday, August 25, 2008

Asian Pear Sweet Soup

I had a cough which did not go away and my friend, Tamy, who runs a chinese medicine shop recommended me to make this soup. It was supposed to nourish lungs, eliminate phlegm and relive coughs (dry cough or wind-heat cough or chronic cough), clear away heat, disperse stagnation, relieve swelling carbuncles and lung and breast tumors.


Fritillariae Cirrhosae (chuan bei mu) 川貝母
Asian Pear
Rock Sugar

Wash the asian pear and remove the core.
Fill the cored pear with chuan bei mu.
Put it in a small slow cooker, fill enough water to cover the pear.
Add in a few pieces of rock sugar
Turn on slow cooker and leave to cook overnight (at least 8 hrs)
Drink soup while it is warm.



Little Corner of Mine said...

So, did it works? Not sure what is chuan bei mu, looks so much like big barley.

Anonymous said...

Living in Hawaii which is a warm climate I seldom make soup but that recipe reminded me of my steam Asian pear stuff with cooked mix sweet rice for dessert.


Unknown said...

little corner of mine

yes, it does look like barley

cpcjoyce said...

Hi Lily,
Stumble upon your blog by accident since yesterday and got hook on it since. Couldn't resist the way you cook food that is so hard yet so simple. Reminds me that i can do it too, right here even out of malaysia. By the way, i'm in NZ now and missing malaysia food dearly. So when i stumble upon your blog. I got so fascinate by the recipes choice you have posted up. Couldn't seem to choose one to start with.

Oh, i have a question,any other way to make pork ribs other than frying or soup? Appreciate it alot. Thanks. -Joyce

Anonymous said...

Hi, how much chuan bei mu do I need? Is it suitable for a 3yrs old? My boy having cough for quite sometimes alr :( THKS!

Unknown said...


i was told to stuff as much into the core of the pear. so, the bigger you core the pear, the more you stuff. it means, any amount does not matter.

you would have to ask the medicine shop when you buy the chuen bei mu whether it is suitable for 3 year old.

Unknown said...


you could braise pork ribs like wuxi spareribs or chinkiang spareribs.

Chop them up into tiny bite size and steam with black bean.

bbq ribs are one of americans

i love to make curry with ribs, they are tastier than chicken

cpcjoyce said...

Thanks lily, will try the said recipe. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your website and now I'm hooked. I love all the recipes you have posted here, don't have time to make them, but always come here and drool!! I do have a question though, is 川贝母 the same as 生熟亿米, they sure look alike. My kids get those stubborn cough every now and then, perhaps I can try this recipe. Thanks. june

Unknown said...


i don't read chinese and by looking at the characters, they are not so same so it must not be the same. i had babelfish translate and i got 'Lives the ripe hundred million meters'

i think i know the first character and is it 'sung' in cantonese - could it be 'sung sook yee mei'

the ones used for the this recipe is 'chuen puei'

SteamyKitchen said...

Looks so healthy and healing...i hope it worked!

Unknown said...


after so many other types of herbal soups besides this one, finally the cough went away

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