Sunday, January 02, 2011

Quickest Puff Pastry Nick Malgieri

Let it snow, let it snow and it was snowing hard up in the mountains. The calling to ski at the slopes was there and up the mountains we went. The family hit the slopes before we checked in to the condo. As soon as I checked in, i started to cook lunch which was an easy one, just sprinkle the chicken legs with seasoned salt and basil,(i found these seasonings in the cabinet of the condo), and put them to broil. There was nothing to do but to wait for them to cook, so, in the meantime i had to watch tv. There was no cable and the only channel that excited me was Hallmark - Martha Stewart was making cookies. The show was interesting and i was so engrossed, especially the cookie which was made of meringue, then added roasted hazelnuts and poured the mixture into a large saucepan. The commercials came on at the same time with the smoke alarm. I was ALARMED!!!!! Lily, you are in trouble, quick, locate the smoke alarm. Good, found it, grapped a chair and stood on it, luckily i was able to reach and turn off the alarm. I came down from the chair and turned to look at the tv, Martha Stewart was eating the crunchy meringue cookie. Oh no, I missed the part of what was done with the meringue in the saucepan. Trying to find the recipe, of which i am still trying to, instead, while i was looking, i found this clip The teacher show and Nick Malgieri was teaching how to make this quickest puff pastry. After watching and seeing how easy it was, i had to make it.

The How to is HERE

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Anonymous said...

Lily: I think this is the cookie you're looking for!


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