Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lo Sam Chung Yoke/Red Cooked Belly Pork

I have many a time been told that 'lo soi' means 'old water' but am not able to argue that it is not so, you know why? if you can't read or write chinese, i don't stand a chance in this debate.

Tell me if i am wrong, to me - 'lo' means to steep it with meat/eggs/tofu in this very savoury and aromatic liquid, which is called 'The Mother/Master Sauce'. This way of cooking is also considered to be a kind of "red-cooking" method. I like to refer this sauce as 'The Mother Sauce' rather than 'The Master Sauce' - cos????? I would like to credit all Mothers who will be the one, diligently cooking in any home kitchen from dawn to dusk

Recipe can be found HERE

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Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty Lily,

You're right. but some ppl tend to call it the old water, cos some of the very old restaurants in Guangzhou and Hong kong (even up till today) do not change their lou sui nor wash the pot, but instead, they keep refilling with new lou sui with the old one. I've heard some do not even change them for 10 years and above. old in cantonese is "lou" so they sound the same, lou sui lou sui. haha


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