Friday, November 12, 2010

Pandan Flavored Ban Jian Kuih

According to Wikipedia - a QUEST is a journey towards a goal and my QUEST is to make the perfect ban jian kuih and the GOAL is that it should be chewy and honey-combed.

Many attempts and i am still 'in search of"???.

For recipe continue to read HERE


Anonymous said...

May I know how many times you want us to click on this posting just to get to your recipe. I know you wanted to make more money out of it but this is not the way!

lilyng said...


this is my best way to get out of a situation and if you can teach me or show me how to get out of this situation i would gladly try it. i am not very computer savvy and would love to learn if you can help. I am a cook with no 'IT'

kris said...


It was weird to need to click twice to reach the recipe as mentioned by the 1st commentator

I think you can read this help from blogger(google) to understand the workings and disabled the function


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Anonymous said...

HI aunty lily,
Ignore that person who complained about a small inconvenience when using your recipes. Some people just love picking on the small things. Your recipes are fantastic, and thanks for sharing.

lilyng said...


thank you for your support.

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