Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Special Birthday Cake

Ngoc, is a child with 'special needs' and she is so lucky to be in the United States where so much attention and care are given to children like Ngoc. Unlike my nephew, Eugene, who is in Malaysia - my brother could not find any special attention even when he is willing to pay for it. Preparing for the future is important but so is enjoying the pressent. Guessed my brother would have to 'focus on today and not tomorrow.

I found this Article so well written and meaningful and to all parents who have a kid with special need, please do spend a moment to read this and also to enjoy your child's speciality. I salute all you parents who are doing all the best you can and you are doing a really great job.  All of us could learn a thing or two as they are so special, actually at times, we are the handicapped ones.

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爱心小厨 said...

早安 !万圣节快乐~~~

Tiffany Yang said...

I'm sure every little girl will love it!

Rebecca Lee said...

I agreed as I have a slow learner daughter,Karen. I spent so much time with her, repeat and repeat and hold her tight when she needs confident. She could not even walk across a little drain when she was 10 years old but now she has the confident to do many things herself. The most important thing is to let her knows that you can be trusted and will never let her down. As they afraid of falling down, even afraid that the little drain will eat her up.

You can see her in my facebook,her only problem is my husband always tells her that I could not take care of her and let her get lost and it really made me and her crazy. She followed me step and step when we went out. I assured her that I would never let her get lost as she is my precious darling!!

She is a very independent child, she even can even cook simple dishes on top of she takes care of herself. While travel, she washes her own panties and bra daily.

Hope those who has this type of child at home, please spend more time with the child and assure them that mammy always there to help and never let them get hurt. As I said before they even thought the little drain would eat them up !!

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