Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gado Gado

Gado gado is a classic, traditional Indonesian salad drizzled with a luscious. mouthwatering  peanut sauce which has a rich, nutty flavor and a delightful creamy texture. Gado gado is such a hearty and filling salad that it can easily be eaten as a complete meal. A variety of vegetables can be used for this salad - like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, french beans, kangkong etc.  Preparing the vegetables is no big deal, just remember
to allow the water for blanching to return to a rolling boil after adding each vegetable to ensure they are cooked according to the times allocated. DRAIN the blanched vegetables and rinse under cold water to refresh.  For the potatoes - cooked them with skin on until fork tender, peel skin away and then cubed.  The only tedious prep is making the Peanut Sauce -if you have 'sambal paste' ready, it is not a big deal.  It will be easier if you don't want the roast the peanuts - use crunchy peanut butter.


Satay Sauce

Cooked potatoes—peeled and cubed

Green beans—cut into 1 1/2 to 2 inches lengths - blanched

Cucumber - sliced

Cabbage - cut into bite size and blanched

Bean sprouts - blanched

Fried Tofu - cut into bite size

Sweet peppers - cut into bite size

Hard boiled eggs - cut into quarters

PREPARE the satay sauce following the method from Malaysian Satay

To assemble the salad:

 ARRANGE equal amounts of each vegetable on plates, garnish with egg quarters, and drizzle with satay sauce to serve.


Sarah said...

Thank you Lily!!!!!! this looks amazing. every recipe of yours takes me back home for a while :) can't wait to get cooking!!!

Joy said...

Great salad.

MaryMoh said...

Beautiful presentation! Love your salad dish. This salad is my favourite.

Zoe said...

like your Gado gado presentation. Nice. :D

Cakebrain said...

I always want to order this when I go out! you have made it look so beautiful! yum!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Nice presentation and it look yummy.

LimeCake said...

wow lily, that's a really good party dish!

The Bakerwoman said...

I love Gado Gado- the Indonesian salad...
You can get the ready made paste from supermarkets or wet market.

You can add lontong, tempeh, tau kaw, cucumber, long beans and keropok for garnishes. I like it spicy, so additional chilli paste for me!

Simply sedap!

Peng said...

Beautiful Lily! Getting fancy and artsy!

sayed said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Keep it up.

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