Monday, July 26, 2010

Sarawak Serikaya Cake

This cake is so rich and moist, no wonder the recipe is so closely guarded.  I was able to make this cake for my dear friends, nellie and juliana's birthday, due to the generousity of Florence, who gave me the 'Gula Hitam'.  Thank you, Florence, my friends really loved this cake.  You should see the expression in their faces at the first bite, with eyes close, savouring the richness of this cake and on opening their eyes, expressed - umm, this is delicious, can i have another piece.?  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nellie and Juliana.



Follow The Secretive Cake and replace the Queen's Browning Sauce with the Original Gula Hitam from Sarawak.

Using a stencil, sprinkle 'snow powder' on top of cake.



natasya said...


Would you mind posting a picture of how the Gula Hitam looks like?

Would love to try this cake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily:

Just luv ur blog..been flwing it for abt 2 years now but never post any comments until now..this cake looks interesting.

Since I am planning to make a birthday cake for my mil...i was thinking of baking this one instead of steaming esp the steaming part of 4 hrs...i dun think i can wait in the kitchen eventhough i could do somethng else while waiting,,,hahaha

btw, maybe can use gula merah instead of gula hitam (the one for making kuih talam. Will it chg the taste n texture?

your reply is very much appreciated..

christine ng

lilyng said...


the cake will be cooked in 1 hr 10 mins. put it in the fridge when it is cooled enough. 4 hrs steaming is if you plan not to put in the fridge.

The gula hitam is very intensed not only in color but also in taste. The ones i made with them, tasted delicious too but not so caramelly.

Make it with gula melaka and add browning - you might like it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

where can i get the stencil like the one on the cake? can post the picture?

lilyng said...


it is just a doily for serving cakes or pastries. Go to the cake shops and ask for doily.

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