Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ginger Snack

Ginger needs no introduction to Asians, it can be condsidered as one of 'The Ancient Chinese Secret' for it's Medicinal Properties.  To those who do not cook or use as much Ginger and would like to know more about it, this is worth reading The Epicentre - Ginger

I grew up with these type of dried, cured snacks and ginger is still my favorite.   

In my younger years, these snacks will be sold only at the corner stall but now, there is a whole shop selling all sorts of which the choice is endless,  some of them are not even recognizable as to what fruit or vegetable they are made from but they all tasted so good.  I don't know why we as kids could not come up with nicer names for these snacks but always associated them with something unpleasant.  I am sure many will know - Yeong mare see or Ngau see thoi which is in cantonese and for those who don't understand cantonese, you won't want to know.
Ginger snacks come in different tastes, there is a sweet or a salty type and both of these types will be colored red,  They will be in bits or chunks and slices are normally soaked in vinegared syrup, like the ones served with Sushi.  This Ginger snack which i made is from very thin slices and it is easy, so give this recipe a try.


Fresh ginger preferably younger ones - they are less spicy
1 cup plus 1/2 cup sugar
More sugar for coating
Scrape the skin off the ginger knobs and slice thinly using the mandoline.
Cook sugar and water until sugar dissolves.
Add in the ginger slices and cook for a minute or two.  The longer you cook the ginger slices, the less spicy they will be.
Remove ginger slices from the syrup and drain. The syrup can be diluted with iced/warm water to make a delicious drink or added to your cup of tea.
Coat the ginger slices in sugar and lay them in single layer on a cake rack and put to dry in the sun.
When dried, ginger slices are ready to be enjoyed.
Store in air-tight container.


Everybody Eats Well in Flanders said...

Hi Lily
I haven't visited your blog for a month, and you have changed the look and feel, what a pleasant surprise!

Thanks for posting this ginger snack, I used to snack on this very often in SG, it is my favourite besides dried mango slices. But too much of it can cause heatiness though :)

Miss B

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, this caught my eyes! I love ginger and always have a lot of fresh ginger in my house and I can definitely make this. How long do you think it can keep in the container? In the order of days, weeks or months?

lilyng said...

little corner of mine

how am i to answer this question? it depends on how fast is your consumption and the amount you made. The ginger slices have to be really dried and it will keep forever if you do not finished them.

reanaclaire said...

ginger is a great remedy to many discomforts in our body.. yes! remember my confinement days, daily ginger is a must..
glad to come by here..

Anonymous said...

Thanks lots for sharing the good use of ginger.
Please let me know if taking ginger juice everyday would cause dry throat or heatiness?


lilyng said...


Side effects associated with ginger are rare, but if taken in excessive doses the herb may cause mild heartburn, diarrhea and irritation of the mouth. Please take or consume in moderation even if they are good for you.

Rebecca said...

Shame to tell you that I never eaten ginger snack before !! HA !! As my mom always did not allow us to eat sweet or sugared/ candy fruit. She would say eat the fresh one why eat some much sugar which was bad to our body !! Well, now I'm in Paris visiting my grandson when I return to Penang I will surely make some to try. Thanks for sharing the recipe !!

lilyng said...


it is worth the while making this at home cos you can choose the type and amount of sugar used. The ones in the store used a sort of sweetener which is awful.

lilyng said...


it is worth the while making this at home cos you can choose the type and amount of sugar used. The ones in the store used a sort of sweetener which is awful.

Laura said...

Aunty Lily,

have u tried Teh Halia? its ginger tea with condensed milk...normally its served in Sarabat Stall.


lilyng said...


I love teh halia but where is Sarabat Stall?

Laura said...

Aunty Lily

Sarabat is the term we called for the Coffee/Teh kedai....

In Singapore, we've got some very good Sarabat Stall around Arab Street, Changi Village & Geylang Serai...I would normally request to have extra halia in my tea...goreng pisang/chempedak or apok apok sayur goes hand in hand with Teh Halia ;)

lilyng said...


thanks for the info, the next time i am in singapore i will ask to be brought to a sarabat stall for teh halia and remember to ask for more halia. Is sarabat translated in english is friend as it does sound like malaysian malay for friend - sahabat

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Do you have a recipe for the dried spicy ginger pieces? They are usually bright red. I have some I bought at KL Sentral 3 years ago. They are really hard to find.

I'd like to try to make some here in the States.


Cooking CatZ said...

Hi Lily,
Your blog is fantastic!
I would like to know if there is another way to dry the ginger? because I made them yesterday but I didn't know it was going to rain for the 3 coming days :S so no sun to dry them...
Thanks in advance,

lilyng said...


Turn on oven to 175f and leave them to dry. It should dry the ginger slices. Time depends on how thick the slices are. Check on them now and then.

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