Monday, August 02, 2010

Bun Rieu

This is my version of Bun Rieu, it might not be authentic Vietnamese but it did taste fantastic.   This soup is Alexander's favorite and he called it = The Red Soup.  I learned this recipe from my friend, Lan who has opened my door to Vietnamese Cuisine.


One 14 oz can of crab meat paste in spices
4 eggs, beaten
1 cup of crab meat or chopped shrimp
1 lb of ground pork
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp of ground pepper
1 yellow/white onion -chopped
4 ripe tomatoes - diced
3 liters  pork/chicken stock
1 box 14 oz firm tofu - cut into bite sizes and shallow fried until crispy
1 tbsp tomato paste/puree
1 tbsp fine shrimp paste

1 packet of vermicelli noodles


Cook the vermicelli noodles according to manufacturer's instructions and set aside.

Heat 3 tbsp cooking oil in a large pot and add in the diced onions.  Sweat the onions and add in the diced tomatoes and tomato paste/puree.  Saute until fragrant, add in pork/chicken stock, fried tofu and bring to boil.

Combine ground pork, crab/chopped shrimp, can of crab meat in spices,fine shrimp paste, fish sauce,pepper, and sugar. Add the beaten eggs and mix well.

When the stock comes to a boil, slowly add this crab mixture into stock in spoonfuls, do not disturb the soup and let the stock cme back to the boil and continue to simmer - pork/crab/shrimp balls will float when they are cooked through.

Adjust stock with salt or fish sauce.

Serve this soup with cooked vermicilli noodles and fresh garnishes.

Bun Rieu is usually served with plenty of fresh herbs and veggies.

Common accompaniments include:

chopped green onion
lime wedges
bean sprouts
split ong choy/kang kung/rau muong stems
Shredded cabbage
Fine shrimp paste



Joy said...

That looks great!

Ravenous Couple said...

this looks great! would you submit this to delicious vietnam?

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, that looks so very tasty!!!

Jessica said...

Beautiful colors. Looks so yummy!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

beautiful and looks good!

Mrs T said...

Lily, I had something similar to this in Vietnamese restourant, but forgot what the name is. thank you so much for the recipe, as it is one of my favourite noodle dish

dave said...

This is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes! Looks awesome!

Jen said...

hi lily, this looks very tasty and spicy! Can Alexander eat spicy foods now??

lilyng said...


this soup is not spicy despite of it looking so red. Very rip tomatoes and the crab/shrimp spice give the red color. Annatto seeds oil can be added to give it more color.

penny aka jeroxie said...

Looks great! and beautiful flavours.

pakistani recipes said...

looks great yummy and spicy awesome recipe insha allah i will try this recipe soon thanx alot share with us
nice blog keep it up!

sopas said...

Your recipe looks so great and you really have a great blog. We dont have crab meat in can in Philippines, it is posible to use fresh crab meat or synthetic crab meat. I am really amazed with your blog and recipe, please keep it up...

lilyng said...


yes, fresh crab meat would be better than the can but you omit and use shrimp only.

the most important ingredient is to use the can crab or shrimp paste.

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