Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Yee Sang Prep - Day 1

I really envy my malaysian relatives and friends who can have Yee Sang so readily available in the restaurants.  Unlike me, they don't have to drive 25 miles(in the snow) to chinatown to shop for ingredients to prep for the Chinese New Year Celebration.  Well, i should count my blessings that ingredients are available.  Yee Sang might seem intimidating to some as there are so many ingredients involved, but actually it is quite simple, you just need to be organized and start preparing ahead.  I have been busy with cookies and realised that i should start prep.  This first thing i like to prepare is the 'Qua Yin' which is ' sweetened green papaya '.  Will try and post the next prep as i go along.

Peel green papaya and shred fine

Salt and let sit for awhile, wash away the salt and drain

Blanch in hot water for a few seconds and then let it cool. Pour thick syrup over green papaya.

Qua Yin is ready for yee sang


The recipe for Yee Sang is here



Ed Schenk said...

My only experience wit green papaya is a green papaya Salad that they made at the Laotion Grocery store. It was strangly addictive.

Doremon said...

Thanks for sharing this as I am also about to start preparing for this dish and it's my first time doing it and on top of that it has to be vegetarian and I do not know what sort of ingredients would be good to add to this. So following your blog would give me some good ideas!

Tuty said...

We have something similar in Jakarta. My friend's mom "crisp up" the shredded half ripe papaya by soaking them with lime stone paste & water mixture.

Chris said...

I never knew this was green papaya..thought it was radish. U can get syrupy sliced vegt in a jar made by Pun Chun..costs abt CAD3.50, not exactly cheap. Have also used grapefruit bits in yee-sang as pomelo not always reliable. I think a few pomegranate arils might add some pizzazz!

SuetWan said...

How long do you soak the papaya in the syrup? make my mouth water, have not been back for Chinese New Year for 5 years now.

lilyng said...

suet wan

as soon as the syrup totally coats the papaya strips, they are good for eating

Cookie said...

there are so many things that we take for granted at home... food is just one of them.

I admire your efforts to brave the snow, distance and lots of love to make the wonderful asian dishes for your family!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily, hope that you will response:

How long can I keep the Qua Yin in the fridge?

lilyng said...


it depends how well the qua yin is coated witht the syrup but if leave in the freezer, it will keep forever.

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know what syrup are you talking about here?

lilyng said...


you steep the blanched papaya shreds in sugar syrup - just cook sugar with water until it is syrupy and thick

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