Monday, February 08, 2010

Pandan Bangkit

This Kuih Bangkit Recipe is so versatile that by just changing the fragrance or shape, it transforms into a delectable cookie.  Pandan is always the most acceptable and well known fragrance amongst us asians and the green color is auspicious for the Chinese New Year.  In cantonese, moss is called 'chang choy'  - 'chang' is 'green'  and 'choy' is 'wealth'.  Yes, wealth and prosperity are the most welcome wishes for the Chinese New Year.




The recipe is here
Change the essence to Pandan Paste


My Little Chateau said...

I just want to thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful recipes with all of us especially those of us who are so far away from our birth place. All your recipes remind me of my mom and her cooking. Each of your recipes bring us closer to home than ever. Thank you again. :-)

Ube said...

You give kuih bangkit another dimension of flavor and color. I made them over the weekends and glad to report to you them gave like the kuih bangkit that I get at the market. I used your initial recipe and incorporated Fern Ng's tips and inputs from your original recipe and Voila a successful kuih bangkit. Thank you much to you and to Fern Ng for sharing recipes and techniques.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
Sorry for going off topic here. Will be visiting my relatives in USA soon - can u advise types of food I can bring into USA eg pineapple tarts, pork floss etc...would like to bring stuff tht cant be found in US... as surprise gifts.

Thks n regards,

ps Wishing in advance, u n ur family " A very Happy Lunar new Year! "

Simply June said...

Aunty Lily, Thanks again for another great recipe. I made the Kuih Bangkit (original) last week and it was surely a success! Firm on the outside and melts once I put it in my mouth! My MIL makes great KB too, which is quite sought after which after 2 attempts I was still not able to get the same result like hers. Therefore, I'm sticking to your recipe for my next batch! My hubby and my Turkish friend loves KB! I need to make more!!

Suzanne said...

such cute little cookies!

sara said...

wow, look at that, I'm already drooling, great color, looks delicious

lilyng said...


please do not bring in any live plants or meat products - pork floss included. If you are to bring chilly/curry paste - make sure that the word chicken powder is in the the ingredients listed.

I have no trouble with other dried stuffs like ikan bilis and dried shrimps.

besides bring pineapple tarts, bring them the moulds, they are not available in the stores here

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,
Thks very much for the info. Wah! Im surprised tht US immigration is stricter than Australian - we're also not allowed to bring most meat products eg Loong Yoke but surprisingly we can bring Pork Floss / Chicken Floss into Australia! I will be flying to USA via Sg - so will buy the food stuff from Sg. Im happy to know at least I can bake some Pineapple tarts to bring to US!:)


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