Monday, September 04, 2006

Taro/Sweet Potato Fatt Koh

I have to thank Lucy for posting this recipe. I could not make good rice flour fatt koh and have more or less given up. Renee is very sweet, she told me not to give up - she said ' Po Po, you can do it' So, i decided to try Lucy's recipe which is made with flour and had better results. In fact, for the taro, i am still wondering whether i have used the correct taro. I bought this vietnamese taro which is already mashed or grated????. Luckily it worked. The mashed sweet potato smiled better as i think i have found the correct cups and the amount of batter. The recipe has been altered.

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Yeast Dough:

2 tsp Instant Yeast
150 gm. coconut water or water (the coconut water is inside the coconut itself)
50 gm. Plain flour

Mix the instant yeast with the coconut water and let it stand until it is frothy.

Mix in the plain flour and stir till smooth. Rest for 30 mins.


500 gm. Yam or Orange colour sweet potatoes (steamed and mashed)
400 gm. all purpose flour(remove 3 tbsp and replace with 3 tbsp of cornflour)
4 tsp double action baking powder
150 gm. Thick coconut milk
375 gm. sugar (200 gm boil with coconut milk and 175 whisk with eggs)
2 nos. large eggs
1/4 tsp. Vanillin
a drop of purple colouring (for orange sweet potatoes, no colouring or essence is required as they have a nice orangy - natural colour)


(1) Microwave the thick coconut milk and sugar for 1 minute. Warm will do, just to dissolve the sugar. Let it cool completely.

(2) Using the plunger blender, blend the boiled coconut milk with mashed yam or sweet potatoes and the whisked eggs. Sieve it. It will be thick but press through the sieve.

(3) Add in flour and stir till well mixed.

(4) Add in the fermented yeast dough and stir till well mixed.

(5) Rest batter for 2 to 3 hours covered with cling wrap and a wet cloth until it has doubled in volume and frothy.

(6) Steam 4 small greased moulds, then using an ice cream Scoop, scoop in the batter till almost to the rim of cup. about 8/10.

(7) Bring to a high boil as much water as the steamer can hold and add in 2 tbsp of vinegar. Steam on the highest heat available for about 15 mins with a cloth covered lid till cooked.

(8) Repeat until all the batter is finished.

If the koh does not smile or split open, Lucy's suggestion is to dip a spatula into a small bowl of cornoil and then make a cross on top.



Anonymous said...

hi, Ia am indonesian we have almost the sama cake, but we use seven up/ sprite or soda water, if you can't find coconut water.

diddy said...

i love the color of your fatt koh! It looks so pretty! great job!

buzzbuzz said...

I love this cake! But I have a quick question, what is Vanillin? Is it Vanilla Essence?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, your sweet potato fatt koh open out very nicely!

lilyng said...


vanillin comes in powdered form and vanilla essence is liquid. Vanillin is prefered as it is white and does not have alter the color of what you are making.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, ur sweet potato fatt koh looks very pretty - really smiling!! I made ur Fatt koh recipe( dated 24/7 )using the spaghetti pot n they smiled! But dunno y texture is slightly dense ( is tht how its supposed 2b like? )I then tried this sweet potato fatt koh recipe, also using spaghetti pot to steam ( btw the inner steamer has holes on the base n sides, right? )but unfortunately, this time they did not smile! :( i dun understand y cos i steamed the same way like for the Fatt koh recipe dated 24/7.


Anonymous said...

Hi...its me, Becky again. Forgot to say tht Sweet Potato fatt koh is lighter n taste better compared to the Fatt Koh dated 24/7. Thts y im keen to try again this recipe.

lilyng said...


these fatt kohs are very sensitive. using the same batter, some will smile differently and some will be only smile politely.

there are so many factors - could it be that the batter is not proved enough.

Sally said...

Hello Lily,

I'm so happy that i had successfully make the fatt koh with sweet potatoes and it turned out smiling beautifully and it also tasted very good and fluffy. I also added some raisins and it was more delicious. All my family members and friends really like to eat them and they wanted me to do it again. Thank you so much for this recepi of yours and it also remind me of my mom who also love to make fatt koh when there's festival.


i love baking said...

hi lilly.

i have a question about Taro/Sweet Potato Fatt Koh. i was wondering what does 2 nos. large eggs mean? two whole eggs?

please help.
thank you for your time.

lilyng said...

i love baking

you are absolutely right.

2 nos. mean 2 whole eggs

i love baking said...

hi lilly.

i was wondering do you bake taro bread if so, do you any good recipe's that i can try out....

Thank you for your time, and your recipes i love them thank you again..

lilyng said...

i love baking

i do not have a recipe for taro bread, but if i was to make one, i will just add in some mashed yam following the potato bread recipe.

saythong said...

Hi hi lilly.

i was wondering what can i substitute Vanillin with? i live in the U.S and i can not seem to find one at the local superstore.

Thank you.

lilyng said...


you can omit it or replace with vanilla extract.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily

I am a big fan of ur blog and i love ur recipes. I have some qns about this fatt koh though. How many fatt koh can u make with this recipe? And what do u mean by steam with a cloth-covered lid? Put a piece of cloth over the steamer lid ?

thanks in advance,

lilyng said...


you have answered your own question. the no of fatt kohs depend on the size of your cups.

Angelyn said...

Hi Aunty Lily:

Can I know what's the subsitute for coconut milk?

Thank you very much


R said...

Just wondering: can I freeze a steamed huat kueh and thaw it out later? Will it affect the texture?


lilyng said...


i am not a big fan of huat kueh, but i think you can freeze them cos their texture is like bread and bread can be frozen.

R said...

Thanks a million!!

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