Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Snow Bunnies

This is a very cute pastry but my bunnies look more like mice. Anyway, however they looked, they tasted delicious and fun to make.

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Water Dough:
40 g margarine
160 g all purpose flour
20 g sugar
40 ml water

Fat Dough:

60 g margarine
120 g all purpose flour


180 g lotus paste - divide into 18 of 10 gm each
Pinch of black sesame seeds
Egg yolk for egg wash


Prepare water and fat dough separately.

Divide each dough into 18 equal portions.

Wrap fat dough with water dough.

Flatten individual portions and roll up like a swiss roll.

Flatten slightly and roll dough to form a bun.

Mould bun into bowl shape.

Put lotus filling into the bowl shape dough and seal opening

Mould into an oval shape.

Snip V-shapes at one end for ears and other for tail.

Brush with egg wash and use black sesame seeds for eyes.

Bake at preheated oven 400f for 10 - 15 minutes



tricia Lee said...


This looks really cute! Just bought my son a little piglet for Moon Festival. He loves it!

Will try to make this for him.

BTW, I am having trouble getting Lotus paste. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
Really love your blog, well done! But then what was the last sentence that you were about to write, looks like it's missing right?

BuddingCook said...

so cute! :)

Rebecca said...


You know why your bunnies looks like Mice? As Bunnies have longer ears and rounded mouth.

You're horrible fantastic, bunnies, pig's head, you're very imaginative. After a trip baked like roasted pig, there you baked pig's head, Ha ! If you come back to Malaysia, I think you will bake some Orang Utang ! HA !

Happy cooking.
Best regards,

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