Monday, September 04, 2006

Lai Wong Har/Buttered Prawns

My preference of prawns with heads-on for this recipe is desirable as it is will enhance the flavor as well as better presentation . Cooking this dish was at impluse and found prawns without heads in the freezer. If only i had red pepper for garnishing, then this picture would be more appealing. Anyway, with or without the red pepper, this dish is delicious. Winnie and Tricia, hope the both of you like this version.

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2 lbs prawns with heads-on
6 ozs margarine
4 ozs evaporated milk
6 - 8 chilly padi(small thai bird chilly) chopped
a handful of kari leaves(daun curry)
1 cup of dessicated coconut or 8 egg yolks
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp sugar
Oil for Frying


Dress the prawns by snipping off the shape points from the head and remove the sacs and intestines from the back.

Heat enough oil to fry the prawns until 3/4 cooked.

Heat margarine, add in coconut/egg yolk, then chilly padi and curry leaves. Fry until fragrant.

Add in the prawns and seasonings.

Lastly, add in the evaporated milk and fry for another minute or so.

Garnish and serve hot.



vh said...

Looks delicious!!!

Tricia Lee-Chin said...


Thank you very much for giving me this recipe. I have all the ingredients. Will try it out tomorrow ... oops! It's already 2am here in Toronto ... guess, I will try it out today!!!


eli said...

Hi Lily,

This is one of my hubby´s all time favourite dish but using 8 egg yolks??? Wow....very high cholesterol lah. May I know what is the main difference in taste if using dessicated coconut compare to egg yolks? When you add the egg yolks into the margarine, do you need to stir it all the time? Thanks in advance for your valuable tips.

Tricia Lee-Chin said...

Hi Lily,

Made this for dinner today! Aiyo! Sooooooo gooooooooooooood!!! My husband can't stop eating it! I used coconut instead since I was out of eggs. Came out really-really shioklah!!!

Thanks again!!!


Texasmoo said...

Wow, you are able to get curry leave in Colorado?? Here,in Houston, of course they have everything, but those curry leaves in the oriental stores are very expensive. I am planning to grow them myself with the seeds my mom sent me.

lilyng said...


it is very expensive here in denver too and you can't buy a sprig or two but the whole pack.

i dried some when i was in malaysia and brought them home. the fragrance is not the same as the fresh ones. will freeze them the next time.

Winnie said...

Thanks for making this dish, looks delicious, but 8 EGG YOLKS!!!!!!!Holy Moly, I think I'll use coconut cream instead. I am not sure I can find curry leaves down here, but I'll try.

lilyng said...


the curry leaves are just fragrance which could be omitted. I too used dessicated coconut instead of the egg yolks. I have tasted this dish cooked with ethe egg yolks and it is fantastic.

reon said...

hi liying,
i have just tried out the recipe but my paste turn out wet and runny , is it because i need to fry the egg yolk until they are solidify?
i added in the evaporated milk when they are still runny bt the taste is fantastic though, just that they dun stick on the shell, please let me know what i should do, thank you =)

lilyng said...


yes, the yolks have to be solidify before you add the milk.

this recipe is not saucy, it should be dried

reon said...

hi liying,
thank you so much for taking the time to reply me =)
i will try it again one day!

kelvin said...

hi lily,

i'm so sorry to sound kinda ignorant but what is desiccated coconut?.. is it like grated coconut like for your kuih onde onde recipe?... thanks!!!!

lilyng said...


dessicated coconut is dried grated coconut.

Anonymous said...

Hi aunty Lily,
I would like to share this similiar recepi with you it only use 4 egg yolks.
500g medium sized prawns, trimmed, slit back
4 eggs yolks
1 tbsp evaporated milk
5 tbsp butter or margarine
1 tbsp curry leaves
1/2 tbsp chopped chili padi, optional

1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
dash of chicken stock granules

1)Heat up oil for deep-frying, put in prawns and deep-fry until cooked. Dish and drain.
2)Combine egg yolks, evaporated milk and mix well
3)Heat up wok, melt butter with low heat. Slowly pour in mixture , keep stirring until the mixture form into very fine shreds. Add in curry leaves, chili padi, seasoning and mix well.
4)Put in prawns and mix well. Dish up and drain off the excess oil. Serve.


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