Saturday, September 16, 2006

Durian Cake

When my cousin's family from Malaysia came for a visit, he bought 2 huge Thai Durians of which one was so delicious and the other is not quite. So, in the freezer it went for recycling. Made this cake ahead of the party and it froze very well. Picture was taken after it came out of oven and forgot to take a picture of the one that has been defrosted and drizzled with melted chocolate. The flavor was fine and ok for guests who have not tasted or do not like durian but for those who love durian, will suggest using the best delicious durian.

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120 g margarine
125 g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
160 g durian flesh
3 large eggs
20 ml milk/coconut milk
150 g all purpose flour )
1/4 tsp baking powder )Sieve together
1 tsp custard powder )


Preheat oven to 350f. Grease the bundt pan and dust with flour.

Cream margarine, sugar and salt until fluffy.

Add durian and mix well to combine.

Beat in eggs one at a time, followed by milk.

Fold in sieved flour.

Check for dropping consistency, if too stiff, add a tbsp of milk.

Pour mixture into prepared bundt pan and bake for about 45 minutes.

Test for doneness.

Cool in bundt pan and using the hot towel method, remove cake and let cool on rack.



diddy said...

looks perfect! I sometimes have trouble unmolding because I forget to grease the pans :) Looks like you've mastered the art of unmolding!

lilyng said...


the cake has to cool in pan to set then use very hot towel and let pan sit on the hot towel for 2 minutes. the cake will dislodge easily

Precious Moments said...

Lily, you mean you can get durian in the States. must be expensive!

CharlieGirl said...

Hello Lily - my mother is looking for some old friends from Seremban Convent, and I was wondering if you can identify with this. We tried to email you last month to no avail. We would greatly appreciate contact if you are the Lily Ng that knew Frances / Lyn (my mum's name is Betty). Thank you. X

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I wish I have the stamina and talent to cook like you.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

omg durian cake! must have tasted very nice. Does it go well with chocolate?

Anonymous said...


I made this cake today using the frozen durian from Thailand. The durian itself was so good, which helped the cake to be really yummy. Very "duriany" :P. We love it. Thanks for sharing.



Anonymous said...

Love your blog, would appreciate if you could teach me how to make Lorbak and the sauce.

lilyng said...


have yet to make lobak and will post if i have found a satisfactory recipe

ivanchen said...

hey lily.I am from malaysia and i loves my food very much.lookin at your blog just make me think ur are the goddess of food.would love to try every single malaysian dish you can make.

Anonymous said...

Where do I get custard powder?

lilyng said...


i can't remember where but i have seen them. You could use instant pudding vanilla flavor if you cannot get custard powder

Kris said...

Does it smell?

lilyng said...


if the durian is very ripe and it will be fragrant.

Li-Ling said...

Hi Lily,

Bundt pans come in different sizes. So which is the size that you use? better still, perhaps you could give me the volume (capacity) of the cake batter.


lilyng said...


For this recipe i used a 4 cup bundt pan

Cheers said...

Hi Lily, can i use butter instead of margarine for this recipe? If i use butter, are there any other adjustments? Thk you

lilyng said...


the will be adjustments, just sub butter for margarine

Anonymous said...


It is durian season in M'sia. At almost every street, every market, I can see durian sellers. The durian skin was also dump everywhere by irresponsible people... a bit shameful.

I got abundant durian flesh supplies as my in laws has a few durian trees. The trees are yeilding fruits like crazy this year.

Anyway, I baked my first ever durian cake with your recipe. I up the quantity of the durian flesh to 250g. It turn out to be so fragrant, so rich and delicious. Some of the flesh did sink to the bottom of the cake but it does not matter even a bit to me.

Thanks for sharing.


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