Saturday, October 29, 2005

Steamed Egg Custard

Patience again has the major role here, steam on medium low heat to achieve success. For richness in flavor, reduce the sugar and substitue with 1 tbsp of condensed milk.This custard is good according to the chinese - it will soothe a sore throat , 'yoon' the lungs and the ginger digests. Have this as an after meal dessert and have it piping hot.

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6 large Eggs
2 1/2 cups Water
3 - 4 ozs rock sugar
2 inch knob ginger(grate and squeeze)


1. Dissolve rock sugar in the water, cool a little.

2. Beat egg lightly,stir in syrup and ginger juice.

3. Transfer egg mixture to containers.

4. Steam over medium low heat for 6 minutes until set.(Time may vary to different containers).


fooDcrazEE said...

yummy! a dash of soy sauce will be better. When u wanna cook for us ?

lilyng said...


have not thought of eating with a dash of soya sauce. will give it a try

lavender said...


I tried your recipe thir morning..and it wasn't successful. I steamed it for abut 20 mins for it to finally set, but sad to say, when we scooped the custard... it is still in liquid form...


lilyng said...


i am sorry your custard did not turn out. the only presumption is that the size of the eggs used is too small for the amount of water used. i use large eggs which are 2 ozs each and a cup is 235 - 240 ml. i have even made without using any measuring my liquid. i use a chinese rice bowl, crack the egg in, whisk the egg and fill water/stock/soya milk until 3/4 bowl.

i think your heat is too low, you should be able to recognise the heat.

Nicole said...

what are 'taels', I'm not sure if that is a measurment or a spelling error and i would really like to try this recipie. thank you.

lilyng said...


sorry for not using the metric measurements or lbs/ozs as this recipe is very old of which kati and tael are used. this link will explain tael

3 taels should be around 100gm or 4ozs will do.

Anonymous said...


The trick to steaming or baking egg custard is to make sure that the container is covered (I usually use aluminium foil if I am baking individual custard portions, or any heatproof plate as a lid if I am steaming them). If not, the top layer of the egg would get cooked first and act as an insulation that prevents the heat from cooking the inside of the custard. The Japanese custard chawan-mushi uses the same trick.

lilyng said...


thanks so much for this tip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lily for this receipt on steam egg custard. I haven't had this in years and forgot the egg to water ratio. I made it over low heat on a bamboo steamer. It turned out perfect. Soft and silky like 豆花, dòuhuā. I can remember when I was 7 years old and my grandma would make me this in Taiwan.


ninjarina said...

My mom does a savory version of this for dinner w/ dried scallops on the bottom (completely optional). The trick is to put use a metal "shelf" inside a rice cooker and place the bowl on it. The steam from the rice cooker is low and quite constant and by the time you're done, you pretty much have your dish and your rice finished. If you do the sweet version, you'll have rice and dessert!

For the record, my mom's egg custard almost always comes out perfect, no bubbles and it's velvety soft.

Jermaine said...

Hi Lily, first of all thanks for the recipe! It tastes awesome with the condense milk. I also boiled my syrup with pandan leaves and brown sugar. Anyhow, I was looking at my custard and I've realised that although the inside of the custard is smooth, the sides do have bubbles. Why is that so? How do I get silky smooth ones!? Cheers!

lilyng said...


i think you have overcooked the custard slightly. the next time you make them, make sure you have the heat lower than before and it will take a longer while to cook but worth the while

Anonymous said...

Delicious and easy to make, with the condensed milk added in the recipe and as a garnish! I steamed it for 20 minutes on low heat and it turned out very well, though I probably needed to add a little bit more sugar and only ginger juice - no tiny bits! I used brown long sugar sticks instead ("bing pin tong") cos I ran out of rock sugar, and it turned out fine. Thanks for the recipe!

Anonymous said...


When you say '6 pieces of egg' do you mean 6 eggs?

Looks nice and smooth -can't wait to try this out :)

lilyng said...


sorry about the confusion.

yes, i should have just put 6 eggs.

Chantal said...

Hi Lily,

Just wondering how many servings there are gonna be with 6 eggs by using the small chinese bowl that you did? Thank you so much!

lilyng said...


the number of servings depend on the size of the container used and how much is filled. if you use the rice bowl, you be able to get 6 - 7 bowls

Anonymous said...

how about a recipe for egg tart/portugese egg tart?

lilyng said...


chinese egg tart with the flaky pastry like the ones served in dim sum restaurant has been a great challenge. i have made them many times but is not satisfied with the results. until i am satisfied that i have mastered a concrete method, i will certainly post it.

i have not attempted to make portugese egg tart yet.

Jyransformation said...

O.O if my fren nv tag this in facebook, i wont even know how egg custard can be made so easy. LOL.. thanks for the info...

meikhuan said...

I like your blog. You really give me inspiration to start my own blog..thanx

Alison said...

Hi! I LOVE your recipes! Thank you so much for sharing them :)

I have been searching for hours to try and find a good recipe with a rich runny centre for "lau sah bao" ? it's the chinese steamed dim sum bun with custard and salted egg so it's sweet and salty at the same time. If you have a recipe for this would you Please Please Please post it and/or send it to me? It's

Thanks so much for considering!

Tammy said...

hi lily! this is an awesome blog! how do u grate and squeeze the ginger? does the juice actually come out?

lilyng said...


i am sorry for the late reply. is this what you are looking for

lilyng said...


i use the microplane zester to grate ginger etc and then will just squeeze the juice out.

you could pound the ginger and then sqeeze.

crystal said...


Thanks a lot for the recipe. My husband loves this very much.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Lily,

Can this dish be eaten during confinement as ginger has been used?

lilyng said...


ginger is one of the most concusmed during confinement, so it should be ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I was wondering if I can make this custard richer by substituting the water with milk instead?

Thanks =)

lilyng said...


you could sub with milk if you wish.

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