Sunday, October 16, 2005


Sorry folks, MeMe is not a dish, so, no recipe. The baton was passed on to me by Foodcrazee to continue. Where should i start because childhood was so............ long ago as anyone who has read my profile knows that I turned sixty this year. All you young bloggers who read my MeMe would have to refer to your parents. uncles, aunties and some grandparents for the matter, to get them to verify mine to their childhood memories and enjoy some bonding time.

The fondest memory is at dawn,standing in front of the stove with the enamel cup waiting for the kopi tiam's boss to fill with Kopi 'O' and a big slab of margarine together with kaya will be on the tiny plate that i have brought. Home I go, as by now hungry 6(brothers and sisters) will be waiting with the sliced white hainanese bread. In a moment, we will have 7 funny expressions on our faces - the bread was sour.

We would opt for 10 cents from MOM and head to school, where we would stop by the Loh See Fun stall and enjoy a bowl. I still prepare this Loh See Fun Seremban Stylefor my children and friends. My siblings although we are all over the world but when we are back in malaysia, seremban is our pilgrimage.

Or we could go to the Chee Cheong Fun man's house which is way to the back, down the road of our home and get some of his most delicious Chee Cheong Fun and Woo Tau Koh. He served them with Teem Cheong(red type) and chilly sauce and the best of all, the Tau Kok Sueen(pickled long beans).

Around lunch time, Hoong Mien, our Yeong Tau Foo man would be coming. He was called so because his face was always flushed. His ware was really special as I have never seen them being sold any where. He had the regular tofu white or fried, fish balls and the specials were - long beans twirled together and a slab of fish meat on top. He did that too for Kangkong(oong choy) and Sawi(choy sum).

Wait and we can hear the Kacang Putih man calling. He will have his table on his turbaned head and we will shout - "Put down quick quick." His table had sections of fried peanuts, muruku, chickpea and vadai. The best part was he did not mind when we took a handful for tasting as the one we paid for came in the longest and slimmest cone which housed only about 10 peanuts. He insisted that my name is LULU and once during my adult life, did manage to meet him and he recognised me - he called me LULU.

There are many more and when we have the opportunity to gather, my brothers and sisters and I will talk and laugh at all the things that happened and what we ate during our childhood. If any of my siblings are reading this, remember the early morning Yum Cha in Toong Chan with Dad where we have to peel the skin of the paus? What about the Chew Chow Chook with the best Hum Choy. Hey, what about the Cheap Matinee in Cathay and the must have - black kua chee and the kanna.

I think i have better pass the baton on before everyone falls asleep reading this grandmother's stories.

Passing the baton over to:

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fooDcrazEE said...

Lily, now i remember the bread,. Its a big loaf and we used to called them the Bengali Bread as it was normally baked and sold by them. Oops! not meant to be racist here.

Haha ! lulu instead of Lily. Nice of him to remember u. Think i iwll try the seremban loh see fun. I'm lost in S'ban. No idea at all where is where. lolz

Thanx for the meme.

babe_kl said...

wow what a lovely discover here. thanks to foodcrazee for the reference.

lilyng said...


thanks for visiting


you can't get lost in S,ban. there are only 3 pararell streets. The food can be found in the wet market and in the morning. If you are really interested in going there, i could ask my dear friend to show you around. she has been in seremban since birth and never left. my cousin, ai lee, is another friendly soul who loves to eat too

lilyng said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fooDcrazEE said...


will see how. If need be, i will msg u.

Babe, thank me ? *chuckle* pai seh pai seh.

Bee said...

Thanks for the recipes Lily! Just browsing through them make me lauhausui already...furthermore I gotta cook all Malaysian food by just imagining it since I am in London right now. My bf refers u as the 'sik san'!!!

It was lovely to have discovered your blog!! All the food look sooo tasty!!! Will always come back to your site for your new delicious dishes!!!

bluebabe said...

Hi Lily, I'm pretty excited to come across your blog, and all the wonderful recipes and pictures. Really brings back memories of my childhood days in penang, especially when I read this post. I still remember the rojak man with his pushcart, the silkiest tau huay in penang, and the bread van with the soft yellow lights that you only find at the pasar malam. I'll be visiting your blog often!

J.C. said...

I enjoy reading the tales of your early years, Lily. They remind me of those satay man, ice cream man and tong sui ah ma too. I am 2 rooster cycle your junior. Very glad to find out about your blog and learn how to cook and bake from you.


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