Saturday, October 08, 2005

Steamed Eggs

The ingredients are simple, just egg, water and seasoning but the crucial part is in the steaming. A slow simmer is needed as the result should be soft and smooth. Turn on the heat higher with impatience and you will get disaster - overcooked. You could substitute water with soya bean milk and stock/broth si delicious too.

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2 eggs
200 ml water
1 tsp sherry
1/2 tsp salt
a dash of white pepper
a tsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of soya sauce
chopped spring onions for garnishing


Bring water to boil in a steamer and turn down heat to low simmer.

Beat eggs, water, sherry and salt with a fork or a pair of chopsticks(a whisk creates too much foam). Sieve into a 6 inch deep dish and put to steam.

The time it takes to cook depends on heat of the water. Have patience and the eggs will be done when it is no more runny when a knife is inserted in the center or from experience, shake the dish and it will jiggle but will be firm.

Remove and sprinkle will sesame oil, soya sauce and spring onions.

Serve while it is hot.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I'm kinda impress with your recipe posted online...even in the midst of coping with your daughter newborn...

FooDcrazEE said...

The best part of your dish was there is no pock mark on the egg. That is experience. Usually i do not know the amt of water to put in. With ur recipe, now i know its 1 egg to abt 100 ml of liquid.

Unknown said...


the eggs are large eggs which weighs 2 ozs. I too does not have a recipe, i will use a chinese rice bowl, break the egg in, beat it up and then add water to about +/- 3/4 of the bowl. For the sake of posting, i have to measure the amount of water that reaches that mark.

Rabbit Sim said...

Hi Lily,
Cheesecake recipe now up. Enjoy baking it and eating it :)

Krista Goon said...

Hi Lily

Came by via a link on Jo's Deli. Thanks for the tip. My steamed eggs always end up pockmarked ;-). That's why I love "chawan mushi" in sushi restaurants. So smooth. I will be back... interesting stuff you have here.

Anonymous said...

hi Lily,
I recently discovered your wonderful website, and this egg dish turned out fabulous, and I just followed your recipe to the word! Thanks so much, this is going into my repertoire! - Peggy (alberta,canada)

Anonymous said...

my grandma always add bacon, and use combination of salted duck egg and egg.

Unknown said...


i am like your grandma, i do that too

Anonymous said...

hi Lily,

Can you tell me what is sherry, the one u used for the steam egg.. i checked on the net and it says is a kind of wine. is there any other alternatives other than sherry? or can i not add that in?

Unknown said...


you can certainly leave out the sherry.

Anonymous said...

hi Lily!

first of all, thank you so much for such a great blog~! I really enjoy reading it, and I love all your pictures...

anyway, sorry for commenting on such an old post! But I always have trouble making steamed egg, so I am very eager to try your recipe. Is it okay if I make this recipe in a rice cooker? I do not have a I don't know if that will be difficulty or not.

thank you!

Unknown said...


sometimes when i am lazy to use the steamer, i will leave the plate of eggs on top of the rice as soon as the rice is beginning to be ready. this way, depending on the amount of eggs you are using, if too many eggs the eggs might not get totally cooked, too little eggs, the heat might be too hot and the eggs overcooked.

if you don't have a steamer, just use the wok/pot which is big enough to lower the plate in. Raise the plate and be sure that the water level does not touch the plate. remember to lower heat to simmering and you will have good soft steamed eggs

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily

May be u want to try to put fried chop "Chai Por" on top of steam egg. It also very nice.

Unknown said...


thanks and will certainly try putting fried chai por as a topping. I usually make chai por with eggs into an omelette

Christine said...

Hello Lily, I just stumbled across your blog today when I was researching an ingredient. What an excellent blog, makes me homesick for my mum's cooking! This recipe is one of the first that my mum taught me to make. For the people wondering about the amount of water to the amount of egg, my mum always told me that the volume of egg to water is approx 1:2. She never measures it (just fills the dish from the tap!) but when I first started making it I would diligently use the half-eggshell (when I cracked open the egg) to measure the water: 4 half-shellfuls per egg (8 half-shellfuls in total for 2 eggs) - turns out perfect every time.

Unknown said...


yes, me too is like your mom, i crack an egg in a rice bowl and turn on the tap, fill the bowl to 3/4 full and it works every time.

but, for the sake of writing this recipe, i had to measure the water

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Fantastic website. Since you mentioned that your granddaughter was a picky eater, any tips? My 15 month son is quite picky. Any recipe recommendations? On a good day he likes eggs, tofu and vegetables. Not crazy about meat. Thanks!

Unknown said...


renee is still not eating anything green, crispy etc and we are so worried for her. She wanted a webkinz so much that i said that i would buy her one if she just eat one small piece of choy sum and she prefered not to have the webkinz.

Alexander who is 2+ is better, he loves to eat what the adults eat and won't eat what the sister likes - mac and cheese or spaghetti OO

sorry, can't help you

Joanne said...

oh wow, what an inspiring recipe site! i'm tagging you to ease my daily cooking woes! it's hard to come up with something to cook after work everyday! please keep it going!

ioyces said...

hi Lily! I just tried this recipe today!! It's fabulous!! Very soft and silky!! Who knew just a few ingredients could produce such a lovely dish!! thanks!!!
(and what Christine said about the 1:2 ratio makes egg is around 50 g / ml so it's one egg to 100ml water and 2 eggs to 200ml water...i prefer ur method/measurements...much faster!! hee..)

Anonymous said...

the salt you say lily, is it half teaspoon. Hope you reply soon.

Unknown said...


my apologises, it is half teaspoon

debbie ding said...

brilliant recipe. even a cooking noob like me managed to do it perfectly with this recipe. thanks so much.

/blu/ren.ka said...

hey! i randomly stumbled upon your site... great cooking tips!

thanks for this recipe... my mom always used to make this for me with bits of dried scallop (yiu chuu).

anyway, i was wondering if it's possible to put minced meat into the steamed egg. how do you make the egg and meat soft?

Unknown said...


Ground/minced pork is a very good addition to steamed eggs recipe and if you like egg and meat soft, make sure that eggs are more than meat.

Daddy said...

Hi. Certainly was glad to stumble upon your blog. Have been trying to steam egg for ages but never able to get any consistent results. Maybe, I'm the impatient type that put the burner on full blast. Will try it out tonight as my 2 year old son simply loves steamed egg...Thanks again.

ratu said...

whether these foods contain cheese? sorry I have not had time to read it, but I tertrik when I saw the pictures .. :)

Unknown said...


no cheese, just eggs and water and seasonings

Janice said...

hi, just want to ask, how to steam just egg whites only? I've tried before but unfortunately it didn't turn out like the normal steamed egg.
thank you.(=

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