Saturday, October 22, 2005

Peanuts, Mussels and Pork Congee

A bowl of hot congee on a cold winter day is so comforting. Congee must be eaten very hot and slurpping cannot be avoided. Strangely, congee is eaten on very hot days too. Every chinese dialect has their own version and this recipe is very cantonese.

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150g rice, washed.
30 g glutinous rice washed.
5 cups water
50g peanuts, wash and soak in water with a tsp potassium carbonate & sodium bi-carbonate solution for an hour (remove skin if necessary)
100 g dried mussels - washed and soak in warm water, then cut into small pieces
200 g lean pork


1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp oil


50g tai tau choy (preserved salted radish), wash and soak for 15 minutes; chopped fine
50 g young ginger, julienne fine
50 g of beehoon, fried in hot oil until puffy
50 g spring onions chopped fine
Sesame oil and pepper to taste


Put peanuts in a pressure cooker and boil in just enough water for 30 minutes.

Bring water to a boil, add in rice, pork, mussels ,peanuts and the seasonings.

Continue to cook and stir frequently with a large whisk. Add more water if required and cook until rice is soft, puffy and liquidfied.

Remove the pork and shred. Return shred to Congee and season to taste.

Dish out and serve hot congee with garnishes.



jadepearl said...

Your congee looks so yummy! :)

Lily, I hope you don't mind me linking your blog at my blogger.


fooDcrazEE said...

delish ! ever thought of adding a teaspoon of oats to make ur congee smoother ? Its a tip from a congee vendor. Even a lil dried beancurd skin - foo chok phei.

lilyng said...


i am glad that you want to link me. go ahead, no need to ask for blessing. i hope your friends can enjoy my blog


oats is really a good idea, it is nutricious too.

i remember now that pak kor chook with yau char kway is one of the cheap breakfast. it has been extinct cos the price for pak kor is so expensive. if you should make it, add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda, it will dissolve the foo chook(the flat type) and remember to eat with a pinch of salt and lots of your yau char kway

marcus said...

Hi Lily. This sounds great. Do you know of a good restaurant in Denver to get good congee?

lilyng said...


are you in denver?

i am afraid i have never ordered the congee in the dim sum places we frequent.

btw there is a new dim sum place along side pacific ocean in alameda square and it is called super star

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I miss congee so much. Thanks for the recipe.
Do I have to put peanuts in a pressure cooker? Can I just boil the peanuts on a pot? How soft should I boil the peanut?

lilyng said...


you can cook all the ingredients together in a large pot until the peanuts are soft

Lilian said...

Hi, may i ask why u add sodium bicarbonate solution to the peanuts when soaking? Is this to make it softer? Or can i just boil everything including the rice, pork ribs and peanuts in the pressure cooker for about 20 mins and then later simmer on the stove for about 15-20mins till the congee is creamy and smooth? I'm doing this tmr and would appreciate it if u can reply asap. Thanks.

lilyng said...


peanuts soaked with sodium bicarbonate solution aka kan sui will be very soft when cooked and melts in the mouth. You can cook the way you suggest but the peanuts will have a slight crunch and it is nice this way too.

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