Monday, October 17, 2005

Seremban Beef Noodle

This style of beef noodle can only be found in seremban, malaysia. The Mccoy is long gone and the present seller has managed to create one similar and is laughing all the way to the bank. I have my own creation and it is for home cooking. I do not have the whole cow in my recipe as the family does not fancy them and this is a set back to making the gravy as it requires the best broth that the whole cow can produce.

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1 lb new york strip steak
1 lb sirlion(to make dried style - ngau yook kone)
1 pkt of Lai Fun(thick vermicelli)

Marinate for ngau yook kone:

2 tbsp soya sauce
1/4 cup sherry/chinese rice wine
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp 5 spice powder
1 tsp dark soya sauce

1/2 cup oil for frying of ngau yook kone


Fried peanuts
Toasted sesame seeds
Chopped pickled mustard(hum choy)
Chopped chinese celery
Fried chopped garlic
Black soya sauce
Sesame oil
Red vinegar
Chilly sauce

Ingredients for Gravy:

4 cans of beef broth(make your own with roasted beef bones, brisket, flank, tendons, tripe , roasted onion, a piece of cinnnamon bark and black pepper corns)

2 tbsp of Instant Paste for Beef Soup(Na Pho)( beef granules or cubes, even brovil can be used)

2 tbsp of flour

3 tbsp oil

salt and pepper to taste


Cook 'lai fun' according to package instruction.

To make ngau yook kone

Cut the sirlion steak into strips of 1 1/2 inches.

Marinate with seasonings, the longer the better.

Heat oil and fry the beef strips in batches, do not crowd. Fry until cooked and sort of crispy on the outside. Leave to cool before slicing into thin slices.

To prepare New York Strip Steak

Season steak with salt and pepper.

Pan fry the steak on a heated pan with 1 tsp of oil, 4 mins on one side, flip and fry another 3 mins on the other side(this will be medium rare).

Let it rest for 15 mins(tent with aluminium foil) before slicing.

To prepare gravy

Heat oil and make a roux with flour.

Using a whisk, add in the beef broth and keep on stirring until thicken

Add in the instant paste, dark soya sauce and salt and pepper to taste.

Keep gravy on the lowest heat to keep warm.

To serve:

Put warm 'lai fun' in a soup bowl.

Pour in enough of gravy(about 1 cup).

Top with sliced meat and the rest of the garnishings.

Vinegar and chilly sauce is optional



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fooDcrazEE said...

Lily, u got spammed ? Work from home indeed !

lilyng said...


with these 2 kiddos, like the chinese saying- or see too mg tak han. what i need is sleep at this moment

jadepearl said...

I have tasted the Seremban Noodles before!!! *yummy*
An idea - ask your DH to take care the 2 kids and you take 40 winks lor! :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Jadepearl, lily is the darling granny of the 2 kids lah. :D

The broth looks rich and yum! :)

lilyng said...


thanks for coming to my rescue.


did you like the beef noodle in seremban. it took me awhile to post it. it is easier to make them than to put on paper

Anonymous said...

Lily, I am from Seremban and wondering why you say the real McCoy is gone. He is still at it at the Pasar Besar Seremban, and two of his kids have opened their own restaurant in Seremban town centre and Kemayan Square.

I know him more than 30years ago when I started to savour his Ngao Yuk Fan when I was a kid. But beware of the Pasar store because there is a pretender, so watch out for an old uncle who is still active.

lilyng said...


the present operator is not the real mccoy although they have been in business for more than 30 years. the real mccoy used to have his stall at the back of the town council and the stall opposite him sells the best wantan noodles - kok heng. kok heng is still selling or rather the son, in the present market opposite this ngan lam fun. This i am talking about 50 years ago. i remembered the times when my mom would go to his house down the road early in the morning to buy ngau lam fun for us before we go to school. the real mccoy makes his own noodles.

his daughter did have a stall next to the metropole theater but somehow it is not operating anymore.

Hee Boon said...

Thanks, Lily
My memory only extends for 30 years...haha ;)

lilyng said...

bee hoon

you know what tow kee the hakka mee, both the stalls,are still operated by the mccoy(the son's) - love this noodle. will be posting my version of it.

the second stall when you come up the stairs in the wet market, selling the soup meehoon and balls and they have intestines. this is another mccoy

lilyng said...

hee boon

i am apologise for miss spelling your name. have a friend named lee hoon and have always associate her to bee hoon.

sorry again

which part of seremban do you stay?

perhaps your parents are my friends. did your mom studied in the convent?

Hee Boon said...

My parents moved to Sban in 1958 when they got married. Seremban in those days must be paradise compared to the traffic-jammed pedestrian unfriendly town now.
My parents didnt study in Sban. Both my sis and I studied in ACS, then me in KGV for Form 6.
Those were the days...even for a "younger" generation like me...

lilyng said...

hee boon

my brothers are from acs and kgv too.

ya, i do agree with you that seremban is congested but not as bad as pj etc.

Gan said...

Hi Lily,

I grew up in Seremban too !
Found you on the web while looking for
"low see fun".

I tried to recreate some of the famous
dishes I know from Seremban like Loh Mai Kai
and Hakka Noodles. Got the loh mai kai pretty
close too. Mine is here

The hakka noodles recipe I have is close. However
since those noodles are home made by the mccoy
I only got substitute dried noodles. Have not put it up since it is not up to standard yet. Have not found your version. Have you created it yet ?

Also, looking for "Tai Pao" (Big Buns/Pao) from
Pak Chok, if you remember.

My email:


francesca said...

There is one best beef noodle in Section 17 much more nicier/nicest that Seremban one that you advertised.

Call 012 3030626 - Julian Cheng the chef or visit his stall at Restaurant Khasiat at Section 17, happy garden. try his specialty.. dried meat, tenderloin in soup with kueiteow, if you are lucky you will be able to taste his special bone marlow soup (booking)

lilyng said...


thanks for the infor. will certainly drop by when i come back to malaysia for holidays

Anonymous said...

oh wow - found your blog when searching for some other stuff, and seeing your posts on all these Seremban home food has made me both hungry and homesick ;)

thanks so much for these recipes!

My family are all ACS ppl :D


maniacalmultitasker said...

gosh I didn't think I'd find anyone who'd know about Seremban Ngau Lum Fun on the web!
I still remember the ol guy with his daughter back when the old market was in front of the Federal Bakery. I used to go with my dad and have a small bowl to myself (was prob 3 to 6 yrs old) and the daughter wld give me a small condiment dish of my own extra peanuts on the house.
Yes we went that often to have those wonderful slurpy noodles.
this is making me too hungry!

maniacalmultitasker said...

Yup the one behind town council!
I remember having to go a convoluted way from the front of the old market, stop to buy ham choy from one of the stalls and then curry paste mixture from the stall that has the adopted chinese girl into Indian family (near where they sell the live tortoises) and then thru the little lanes to the ol guy's stall.
Gee that wlda been in the 60's!

maniacalmultitasker said...

my family all from ACS too!
sorry slow reader and cheong hei too hee hee hee

lilyng said...


i don't remember that there is a federal bakery but i do know that it is at the back of the old town council building and the fire station is at the corner. a big drain or longkang runs along the road leading to the wet market.

lilyng said...


2 of my brothers went to acs.

i went to the convent

maniacalmultitasker said...

what year was your Form 5? and your brothers?
My family begins from 1960 onwards. I left ACS primary and went on to MRSM behind Lake Garden.

lilyng said...


i left school in 1962. my brothers who went to acs for the primary remained in acs for the secondary.

MRSM, is it in sikamat? i think i have a brother who went there

Anonymous said...

we are lucky ... although real Mccoy gone pretender actually a worker of real Mccoy , now the real Mccoy grand son is open a shop in Seremban we can taste the original Seremban beef noodle again , it locate just opposite Public Bank .

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

You have opened up a whole new world for me........ Btw - Do you have 2 younger sisters who studied in CHIJ Sban in the late 60s and early 70s?? I left Convent in '67.

lilyng said...


hi to you too.

yes and yes, my 2 younger sisters studied in the Convent, seremban and the elder one did leave convent in '67. She is in Sydney at the moment. my youngest sister, should have left in 70 and she is back in pj although she was in sydney for awhile.

Lucky said...

I give beef noodle a try every where I go, including the ones in Taipei airport during stopovers but nothing beats Seremban beef noodle. My wife tease me that I experience "orgasm" everytime I eat at Quins in Kemayan Square. I must have consumed a few cows in the 40+ years of eating from all 3 stalls. The old man at the market is still going strong but he only collect $$ these days. Not bad for a 90+ year old man.

I tried to convince the son at King's to franchise it but he thinks he can do it. But the 3rd generation will take over and ensure that I get my weekly dose of "orgasm" even though I have to drive 60km from KL every week. Just had it for breakfast (market) and lunch (Kemayan) last Saturday....yummy.

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