Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Steamed Ground Pork with Tung Choy

This dish is the easiest and most convenient as it is steamed on top of rice in the rice cooker so no washing of cooking utensils is needed.

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8 ozs of ground/minced pork
3 tbsp of tung choy(washed)
2 tbsp of soya sauce
1 tsp of sugar
1/4 tsp pepper
1 tbsp of tapioca flour
a pinch of msg(optional)
1 tbsp of sesame oil

Mix all the ingredients in a slightly deep plate that fits the rice cooker.
When rice is going to be cooked, place plate on top of rice and let the steam of the rice cook the meat.


Besides tung choy, a variety of ingredients can be substituted such as char choy, shitake mushrooms, dried squid, eggs, mui choy or tai tau choy. When using eggs, there are 2 versions, one has water added to the eggs to give a tofu texture and the other has no water added but maybe salted egg and tapioca flour is not used.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe, it is delicious which is not too salty and it is perfect.

Mel of Vancouver, Canada.

Anonymous said...

tried it last nite and it was very good, as good as the one from the hawker centre which i tried the previous nite. thanks lily for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I tried it. But I am always worried if the pork is cooked thoroughly. Because rice doesn't take too long to cook in the rice cooker,say,20 minutes,it will be finished.

Lily, how long do you normally steam it?

lilyng said...


i will put in the plate when the rice has no more bubbles and leave it there until it is time for dinner. There is still alot of heat in the rice cooker although it will be off to cook the pork which is spread out thinly on the plate. you will know that it is cooked when it is no more pink and it is firm.

Nelson said...

dear lily, am really into steam minced pork, had tried to do it with salted fish without the dong cai, but how comes the meat is very hard when done?

lilyng said...


when the meat is hard, the meat is too lean. add in a tablespoon or two of water

Anonymous said...

omg.. I thought only my mother ever made this - thank you so much of reminding me of this dish - would you say this is a hakka dish?

lilyng said...


to me this dish is very cantonese but then the tung choy is popular in tien hsin, then it could be a northern chinese dish.

Anonymous said...

Hi lily

I just would like to know whether tapioca flour is the same with corn starch? and rice flour is the same with glutinous rice flour?

thank you

lilyng said...


although tapioca flour and cornstarch can be sub for each other, they are made from different source - tapioca flour from tapioca and cornflour from corn.

Rice Flour is milled from rice such as jasmine or long grain and glutinous rice flour is from sweet rice

Anonymous said...

this dish reminds me of my childhood day as it was my mum's favourite dish, yummy,,,,,,,,

jun said...

why do we need to use tapioca flour? what if i dont use tapioca flour? or any other flour?? what would be the result for this??? if i use tong choi still?

lilyng said...


the tapioca flour/starch is used to bind the pork and give it a smooth feel to the mouth.

jun said...

ohhh, thanks a lot.. will try it 2nite :)

digital_foodie said...

Most authentic and best
recipe that I have come
across, well done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lily!

This is a very nice recipe! Its comfort food for the soul.

Anonymous said...


My mum also made it with minced sweet
pickles with ground pork that was quite as good.

Pork must not be too lean in all

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