Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pancake Puff

Had to play with my new toy, a Danish aebelskiver pan. It made very good pancake puffs with no or whatever fillings you desire. Have even made TAKOYAKI which i will post soon. In the meantime, if you have one of this pan you can start to have fun making some of these puffs by just using this recipeFlapjack . Please watch How to make aebleskiver video to have a clearer understanding on how it should be done

Same as Flapjacks

For more recipes


Heat the pan and grease the holes. Keep the heat at medium.

Pour enough batter to fill the holes. Not filling the cups completely full is suggested to getting them to turn easier- remember, they will expand slightly as they cook! 3/4th full is about right.

Lift the batter by 1/3 to one side, continue this procedure for all the other holes. Then come back to the first hole and lift the batter to more than 1/2, repeat procedure with the other holes. Finally, flip the batter in the first hole and the rest. The batter has become a ball now and flip the balls over for even cooking.



CRIZ LAI said...

Interesting new gadget you have there Lily. The last time I saw this was when one seller was making this ball like delicacy with octopus tentacles filling with squid flakes sprinkled on top and served with mayonnaise with a squeeze of lime juice. :)

Unknown said...

cruz lai

that's takoyaki - made some with this pan and it was delicious.

silverrock said...

Ooo... now I want to use my takoyaki pan to make pancakes. What a wonderful idea.

P.S. I have a blog-award for you and you're amazing blog.

Anonymous said...

My daughter gave one of those pan and used it but everythings got stuck badly to it. Now I spray it with cooking spray not oil or shortening. It work better.


Anonymous said...

uhmm not too sure you can help but i m looking for a special snacks, it s using turnip, with minced pork and dried shrimps. it looks like a bun but uses a different type of paste that s similar to the glutinous rice cake.

if you could let me know if you see what i m talking about thanks.
my email is

Unknown said...


the snack you are looking for must be 'fun gwo' in cantonese. The skin is like 'har gau' served in dim sum restaurants but more chewy. there are many versions of the skin.

will email you.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to your post on Takoyaki. I inherited this cast iron pan from a dear friend of mine who recently passed... So as a tribute to her I would like to make something with this special tool.

Unknown said...


i must post takoyaki as a tribute to your dear friend.

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